Galaxy Note 4 To Have A Feature To Protect You From Cancer

Galaxy Note 4 To Have A Feature To Protect You From Cancer
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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930)’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 is going to set a new benchmark. The phablet, which is expected to hit the markets in September, will sport a UV sensor that will protect you from the sunburn and skin cancer. SamMobile first reported this feature in June, and recently explained how it would work.

Galaxy Note 4: will it be the first smartphone to have a UV sensor?

The UV sensor will reportedly be part of the S Health. The Galaxy S5 has S Health with heart rate sensor and stress level measuring. But the UV sensor will be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 4. The upcoming phablet will alert users when the UV radiation reaches the unsafe levels. Of course, if Samsung introduces this feature, the Galaxy Note 4 will be the first ever smartphone to have this feature.

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The sensor will be located on the rear of the phablet. It will work accurately only when facing the sun at an angle of at least 60 degrees. It’s still unclear whether the Galaxy Note 4 will automatically alert users with push notifications or they’ll have to manually check the UV levels. Another thing yet unknown is how long the device will need to be exposed to the sun before providing the reading.

UV sensor to put the Galaxy Note 4 in a different league

The sensor in the Galaxy Note 4 will measure the UV index levels: low, moderate, high, very high and extreme. Along with the UV index levels, the phablet will present users with different precautions. An overlong exposure to the baking hot sun can cause, sunstroke, sunburn and even skin cancer. The precautions will include when and how often to apply suncream, how much time to spend outdoors in one sitting, and what to wear for added protection.

If true, this feature will really set the Galaxy Note 4 apart from the competition in the crowded smartphone market. The Galaxy Note 4 will reportedly feature a 5.7-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB RAM, an eye scanner and the ultrasound S-pen stylus.

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