Facebook Inc (FB) Working To Connect With Advertisers Face To Face

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is promoting its ‘Start to Success’ program to offer face to face engagement with the marketers, who wish to speak with someone in the company while seeking help or inspiration, says a report from Inside Facebook. One of the spokespersons in Facebook said that the program is running since 3 years in various countries with Facebook fit events.

Facebook Inc (FB) Working To Connect With Advertisers Face To Face

Popularity of the Facebook program growing

Facebook Fit events have gathered quite a fan following with around 900 attendees in cities such as New York, Miami and Chicago. The company will host its next event in Austin and Menlo Park, Calif. Spirited by the success of the events, the social networker is planning to take forward its program in other cities of the United States, as well as to different countries.

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The event allows the business owners and marketers to communicate directly with Dan Levy, who is the head of company’s Global Small Business team. In Miami, Facebook conducted a video event, where different attendees developed their own video to demonstrate how they promote their business locally. Winner was awarded an all-expense paid trip to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park.

Positive feedback from attendees

Samantha Steinbring, an Earned Media Specialist at Deluxe, who attended the Chicago Facebook Fit event, also, shared her experience. Steinbring said that she learned about the ways small business can use Facebook to enhance their business, and also the challenges small business experience with marketing themselves online.

“I thought the experience was great! It was clear that the small business owners in attendance got a lot out of it and felt empowered to use Facebook effectively for their business,” she said

Steinbring added that she learned considerably about ad targeting on Facebook, and various ways to run Facebook ads. Her perspective about the Facebook working methods changed after attending the event. Facebook boasts of tens of thousands of attendees till now, in its Start to Success program, for which a minimum investment of $1,400 is a pre-requisite.

Advertisers and marketers got a great deal of support from the re-vamped Facebook for business hub site. Within the site, advertisers got to know about the best practices, guided ad help and success stories from brands of several sizes and verticals. Although the site comes in handy for some, many want a direct communication and response to their questions.