Hobbyist And Crusader Is Using Drone To Keep An Eye (Camera) On LAPD

Hobbyist And Crusader Is Using Drone To Keep An Eye (Camera) On LAPD
JonasF / Pixabay

The 42-year old is well known by police for his use of a camera and a scanner to document calls in his area, now he’s stepped it up by using his video camera-equipped drone to document the police’s DUI checkpoints and calls to other occurrences in Southern California.

Why do it?

“If there’s police activity in my area that’s close by, I generally will go and try to record it and document what I see,” Saulmon recently told local news network KTLA.

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“I don’t want to say the police don’t supervise themselves, but in a way there might be a little bit of truth to that,” he added.

While it’s easy to understand why the LAPD has little interest in being filmed given the Rodney King incidentg over two decades ago, Saulman films them for just that reason.

His filming of the police over the last four years has given him quite the online following not to mention numerous arrests when he heads out with his camera.

In a recently published profile of Mr. Saulmon in the Los Angeles Times, journalist Joseph Serna reported that his “recordings are well known to South Bay officers.”

His YouTube channel includes over 300 videos that he’s