Climate Change May Make Our Summers Hotter

Climate Change May Make Our Summers Hotter
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Whether you believe humans are causing climate change or not, it’s a topic that won’t go away any time soon. Now there’s a new interactive map that suggests how hot your summer might be if conditions continue on their current trajectory. It also provides a comparison city to see what city’s current summer temperatures are comparable to the temperatures your city will have in 2100.

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Summer in 2100

Climate Central published the new interactive map this week. Just type in your closes metropolitan area and see what you get. For example, if you type in Chicago, the average temperature of nearly 82 degrees Fahrenheit today will supposedly climb to about 93 degrees by 2100, making the Windy City feel like Mesquite, Tex. does today. Boston’s average summer temperatures will be more than 10 degrees hotter than they are today, making the city’s summer like that of North Miami Beach today.

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The organization notes that summer temperatures are already hotter now than they were 40 years ago. By the turn of the century, they estimate that most U.S. cities will have summer temperatures that are as hot as Texas or Florida. Some cities will supposedly heat up so much that they will end up feeling like cities in the Middle East. For example, Phoenix could feel as hot as Kuwait City, at an average temperature of 114 degrees.

In determining the temperatures, the organization only figured daytime ambient temperatures and did not include other measurements like humidity and dew point.

Climate change remains a hot button topic

Of course not everyone is so convinced that this interactive map provides an accurate picture of future temperatures. Many people, even scientists, are very skeptical of climate change, or at least the idea that humans or big industry are to blame for it. Some belong to the camp of belief that climate change is a natural cycle of our plane, while others seem to be in complete denial.

Others suggest that if people dramatically change their habits, they will be able to slow down climate change to keep the map’s forecast from coming to pass.

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  1. Well hello, Paul! How kind of you to grace us with a reply. I hope you’re doing well.

    Yes! Science doesn’t deal in absolute certainties. That’s not how it works. It deals in probabilities.

    What do you think is the probability of complete polar meltdown? If you understand this has happened each and every previous time in Earth’s history CO₂ went so high, why would you expect a different outcome this time?

    If you understand scientists have observed a meltdown occurring on both poles, why wouldn’t you think it’s already well underway?

  2. Seriously? Science CAN’T say THE END IS NEAR for certain but you goose stepping and determined “believers” can tell our kids that they are doomed and NOT science? Boy are you special or what?
    I’ll take a neocon any day over a climate coward childishly throwing CO2 death threats to billions of innocent children. YOU are the new neocon. Deny that.

  3. Maybe you are the neocon?

    Science is never 100% certain of anything.

    Now, how certain are you there won’t be a crisis?

    If we haven’t set the world on a course toward total polar meltdown, 75 meters of sea level rise, the drowning of the homes of billions of people, and untold climate chaos just with the CO₂ we’ve already emitted, why isn’t there a single previous example in Earth’s history of polar ice caps withstanding CO₂ so high?

  4. If 32 years of science saying “MAYbe” and never being 100% certain and nothing beyond their laughable 95% certainty that THE END IS NEAR is good enough for you to fear monger your own children just because you HATE neocons so much then who’s the neocon?

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