BlackBerry Ltd “Secret Phone” Specs Leaked

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) is set on releasing four new phones in 2014. The company’s Passport is already one of the most talked about phones this year, and the Classic is likely to do exactly what it says on the tin, but the other two models have been kept in the shadows a little more than fans of the company would like. If they’re going to splash out on a BlackBerry Passport, they should at least know the alternatives.

BlackBerry Ltd "Secret Phone" Specs Leaked

Thankfully managed to get its hands on the specs for the two secret BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) models.The two phones are codenamed “Khan” and “Manitoba” and will apparently be released toward the end of 2014, after the Passport has made its impact on the enterprise device world.

Blackberry Khan, Manitoba specs

According to this morning’s leak the “Manitoba” is going to be a variant of the company’s outstanding Z30 model with LTE capability. Almost everything else at the core of the phone is going to stay the same. The device will apparently be shaped more like the Z3. It’s full specs include a 5 inch screen, 2GB of RAM and 1.7 GHz dual core CPU.

The device shows that Blackberry isn’t going to try to challenge companies like Samsung by releasing a smartphone with monstrous specs, but that shouldn’t be a worry. The Khan codenamed phone is high-end enough for anyone, though in a different way entirely.

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) is getting back in business with Porsche according to today’s leak. The Khan is going to be a carbon and steel affair that will sell for something in the region of $2,000. The phone will have a full keyboard and a 3.5 inch screen along with 3GB of RAM, 64GB of onboard memory and Porshce branding. This phone is certainly for the executives, or a crafty IT manager.

Blackberry marches on despite negativity

There may not be anything life-changing in the specs of the two secret Blackberry phones, but both of the devices will have their audiences. Combined with the power of the company’s Passport and Classic, companies looking to be fully serviced by Blackberry will have the needs of their employees served. Unfortunately for the company, the market doesn’t seem to think that’s quite enough.

The recent announcement of a partnership between Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and IBM put a serious dent in BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) stock, and appears to have put an end to an optimistic run for the company. Before that announcement the company had gained something like 50% since the start of 2014. Shares appear to be stagnating now as investors wait for the company to do something.

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) has enough time and energy to prove itself, but this may be the last chance the company ever gets. If the Passport and the company’s mobile solutions for enterprise don’t make an impression in the next twelve months or so expect talk of a break up fire sale to get back onto the table.

  • Hennie Gerber

    I want the Classic q20 because I need a phone to make calls, send emails and sms efficiently. In short to work with. This whole madness about bigger screens for phones will soon pass. If I need a bigger screen I use my Ipad to browse.

  • eastcoastbikers

    Iphones are shit, had Iphone 5S for 3 weeks, stupid thing needs charging every 4-5 hours it locks up and don’t get me started with updates that just crashes the stupid thing, perfect? what is perfect is their Marketing department that was able to sell crappy hardware. I switch to the Z30, 1.7 duo core 2 G Ram, faster then the stupid IPhone, last 12 hours intensive use and haven’t locked up in 6 months now. not to mention that my Z30 gets coverage where the Iphones get nothing…you know what, stay with your super Iphone, I will stick with my Z30, more apps anyway (oh yeah, did I mention it runs android and BB apps? )

  • Jimmy Witts

    Passport is state of the art from Blackberry. Can’t wait to get one.

  • Felix Ramirez

    The classic is going to flop because its the same as Blackberry’s other phones that don’t sell (bold, curve, q10, etc). A smidge bigger screen but not big enough, and the button belt ain’t going to make a difference. And why make the Manitoba, if its just like the Z3 and Z30? It’ll be nice if they decide to design a larger size phone. The passport is large but too short.? It’s like a short fat person. Samsung is selling lots of phones because consumers want BIGGER SCREENS. Come on John.

  • barchtxt

    My Z30 can do a just as much as my daughters 5s, and many things much better, it’s just that we have different tastes. Some recent spoofs really showed how it’s the branding and not the product. People said they would run out and buy the iwatch when it was really just a Casino with an Apple logo, or when they were shown a BlackBerry with the Apple logo on it, they needed it. So kudos to Apple on marketing in convincing people they need something they don’t even know what it does or is about. Blackberry seems to have the momentum in innovation while maintaining the security and connectivity part. Even Apple builds on top of BlackBerry with their Carplay. Every brand is susceptible to one bad day or a new competitor or self inflicted wounds. Every company is about what you are doing today to grow for tomorrow. If you choose not to innovate and to only make minor tweaks, you are giving that next competitor the window they need. Blackberry did this in the past and are working hard at innovation to make up for that. Apple seems to look at the iphone and with the exception of a few minor changes, not innovations, are happy with where they are at. Time will tell.

  • Echoes

    I assure you, the *Z30* already has LTE.

  • el yass

    Z3 Lte is the full touch. Secrean up coming and the Classic plus the passport. And a10 that all the 4 Device. End of the Commonwealth.

  • xBURK

    Looks like a well balanced approach by Chen. All of these devices will not only shine in the enterprise world, they will become a positive show and tell around the family dinner table. This is how BlackBerry became popular in the first place. I’ve converted 4 of my coworkers to BB10 in the last month alone. After they play around with my Z30, it’s a shoe in. You just can’t find a better operating system to get things done in a timely, professional manner.

  • Tootall

    You know Devvv I drive a GMC Sierra. Nothing fancy and no extras. Works awesome. Gets the job done. There are many phones with many bells and whistles but I like my GMC Z30. Nothing fancy but gets the job done. I think you need to relax and see what is in the works. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I saw the passport in development and thought they had lost their freaking minds. But when I got to play with the near complete one I was blown away. It was a comfortable device to use. I would rather BlackBerry build quality devices. Wait and see and loose the attitude and people might respect you more.

  • smartypants

    Chen Rocks!!!
    Devvv funny!!

  • mikescraftbeer

    Always nice to see wrong information published. Lol. Come on do some research.

  • Kem

    Hmm, “According to this morning’s leak the “Manitoba” is going to be a variant
    of the company’s outstanding Z30 model with LTE capability.”

    The “Manitoba” is not a “variant of the Z30 with LTE”. That sentence suggests that the current Z30 is not an LTE device which is completely wrong. The “Manitoba” is a Z3 with LTE and pretty much the internals of the Z30, not a Z30 with LTE. The current Z3 is not LTE capable.

    Shea, rephrase the sentence or drop the zero from the “Z30”.


    but bashing a company that is doing things somewhat correct (Apple) is right?

  • guest

    Dave. Underwear. Wash. Now !


    NO!! I am on Blackberry’s side NOT Apples even though the iphone 6 is about a thousand times more innovative than Blackberry’s, but not mine.

  • guest

    lol “professional DEVVVVelopment day” will not likely ever happen.

  • Tootall

    Is there such a day as anti-DEVVelopment day! This annoying sh!t is everywhere! Get a life and go to iphone6 leaked sites.

  • disqus_KhTYbfTwZi


  • guest

    DEVVVV please. Its laundry day. Change your underwear already.


    Sorry complete wrong design because it’s only comparable to rivals, if that. They only cause competition to be a huge issue. BlackBerry how about manufacturing one perfect handset like Apple did. Notice how they stormed the market due to this? So far no evidence of the real next generation smartphone has been released, it’s still not too late for BlackBerry to take part in this, Chen get off your high horse and investigate this.