BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Market Share Too Small To Report: Kantar

BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Market Share Too Small To Report: Kantar
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) mobile market share is so low that Kantar Worldpanel has dropped it into other categories, and not report distinctly, as pointed by ZDNet’s Chris Duckett. The other categories include not so influential platforms like Symbian and Firefox OS.

Betting on enterprise segment

Just few months back, Kantar reported that market share of BlackBerry has dropped to 0.4% in the United States, 1.5% in the five biggest European markets and 2.8% in the three biggest Latin American markets of Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. In its recent release, the Kantar has avoided showing the Canadian smartphone makers number with the power players such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

It is to be seen, if the company still has enough potential to earn revenue from the handsets, so as to make them worth continuing. It is expected that by targeting a greater number of enterprise customers and government employees besides people, who work in highly regulated industries and require top notch security, the company can retain its lost glory. It is vital for BlackBerry that this plan works as consumer market holds hardly anything for the company now.

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New CEO John Chen has made some good moves to turnaround things for BlackBerry. He made efforts to ramp up enterprise-centric services that are mainly concerned with the security.

Can BlackBerry Passport help?

Apart from the enterprise, the company is making efforts to regain the retail segment and is releasing an odd looking BlackBerry Passport. BlackBerry did launch BlackBerry 10 devices such as BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10, but could not turn the things for itself.  The failure of both the phones has forced the company to take the good features of the BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 into one phone, dubbed as BlackBerry Passport.

There is more than one reason why Passport can change things for BlackBerry. First of all, the phone has a slim keypad for those fond of QWERTY keypads. Also, the touchscreen lovers will get a big screen phone unlike Q10, which had a small display. BlackBerry Passport is perfect for the businesses because of its perfect display. However, on apps front the phone still offers minimal.

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  1. Not only are arrogant, but also stupid. It only cost to get an provisonal patent application $162 US if do it you self or $768 if you have a patent lawyer to do it.
    When you have been approved you can try to get anyone jnterested in your idea. If can achieve that get them to sign a none disclouse agreement. The potentional company now have 1 year to develop the ideain to workable product and apply for patent protection. The cost to you is nothing.
    Therefore your claim to fame is not worth a dime. You are loser, there caring an empty bag. Furfhrmore you are a commentor, with no credibly to your name.

  2. If someone came to me with an idea that as dumb as yours, I wouldn’t investigate it either. It’s worthless for a reason DEVVV. Get over it.

  3. Who cares? Kantar has been on the bashing train for quite some time. I don’t believe a word they say, but I do believe that the shorts better bail before the Q2 numbers come out. I also believe that I will take this dip as an opportunity to add to my position.

  4. Please share the generic specs of your device and what you think the BOM and manufacturing would cost.

    If BBRY will not listen to you, have you tried elsewhere? Have you shopped it around to HTC, ZTE, Huawei, or even Motorola?

    Please share, I’m interested, again, just generics.

  5. To patent all the particulars it would take to acquire protection would cost a fortune. This is why I need to work with BB’s patent lawyers.

  6. I did not say it was operational, but the plans are ready. you got it backwards its the concept that is the hard part making it is the easy part. Discovering what is the problem is innovation, fixing it is the easy part once plans are in place.

  7. NO all he did was fire people and sell real estate, anyone could have done that. But when it comes to innovation that’s a different story. I don’t need a track record, as I would work completely free until I prove myself. Look how you trusted Thorsten, notice what happened?

  8. Let go of the hate Crudbuster…Blackberry makes an amazing product. I’ve had my Z30 for almost a year now and it’s rock solid and getting better every day…yes, I said getting better. Since its release, the BB10 OS has onboarded Google Play and Amazon Apps, These were key things the market said BB lacked and as a result, BB has extended its product capability without forcing its users to purchase new equipment. You’ll never see that from iCrapple or Droid (Samsung, LG, etc.) devices. BB is about value, they do it right the first time and innovate for their customers even after you purchase their product. What have iCrapple and Droid done to improve their products? iCrapple made its phone in different colors (hardly innovative) and Droid’s done nothing at all to improve their platform. BB is investing in making its products better, where the others are focusing on milking the market for as much as they can through marketing campaigns of trivial product changes that have no innovative value.

    Drop the hate bro. The future is full of Blackberrys :)

  9. You could be the next Bill Gates… But here you are… bashing everyone at BlackBerry!
    Make a startup…use your brilliant ideas and get croudfunded…and make money… millions… trillions…
    Just stop being a BBTROLL!!!

  10. Have you built a functional cellular device? If so, where are your patents or images of the functional device?
    It’s easy to design a concept but actually making it functional is the difficult part. Then there is the cost factors like R&D, components, software, licensing, wages, overhead, etc. All of these need to recouped.

    I really don’t see your points having foundation other then it makes you feel important.

  11. It’s not arrogance. When you state what you have is the fix, that is arrogance.

    The executives are making decisions, based off of information they have. Your idea was dismissed, and I trust it was dismissed with good reason.

  12. Nobody said he was a God, but he has certainly turned the ship around significantly. Big difference between “Faith” and “Trust” as trust is earned and JC has a proven track record.

    How’s your track record? From what I understand you have 100% failure record so far. That is a very good indication that you are not trustworthy. As for having faith in you, well, I’m not one to put all my eggs into one basket because somebody wants to me to have faith in them.

  13. It’s obvious what they are trying is not working, does that answer your question about the how the executive management is operating,look at the sp

  14. I have seen the design BlackBerry was suppose to go with, it so simple I was able to construct a prototype. I don’t hope it will see because I already know it will. As for the way BlackBerry executives are operating, look at their share price, that is a indicator.

  15. You are the arrogant… So all BBRY investors are dumb, but you know best… In design, in technology, in marketing, in sales… you really know best…
    I guess you have a God syndrome… in a tiny little brain…

  16. No the Passport will not help due to it being totally the wrong design. Yet BlackBerry still refuses to investigate the only thing that will save them. Notice investors that Blackberry is not willing to try anything to save themselves? Therefore BlackBerry is a sell due to how the executive management operate. Chen hires another executive that sorry to say will not help this company due to lack of innovation. Three months is all I need to prove what this company requires. Why is Blackberry so arrogant as not to even try this, what would it hurt in trying?

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