Android Spy App- An Ultimate Employee Monitoring Solution

Won’t it happen that when you wake up in the morning, you instantly look for your mobile? You can hardly negate that statement. If I will say that you like to spend your time more on mobile communication rather than interpersonal communication it won’t be wrong. According to mobile mindset study conducted by Lookout 54% people said that they check their phone before they go to sleep, after they wake up and even in the middle of the time.

Most of the times you will feel glued to your mobile…


The application of mobile usage is widespread. Same goes for its use in businesses. Every large and small company is using it for effective business communication and to boost business profits.


Today businesses, especially small businesses understand the benefits of mobile technology and how it can increase revenue and business profits.

According to Forbes, new mobile survey reveals that 41% of employees are deliberately leaking confidential data. Here are some categories that are considered as imperative business data and whose loss can cost business much.

  • Financial data and account information
  • Data of methodologies and procedures utilized in business
  • Information relating to the third parties
  • Data of customers and clients
  • Information about other employees
  • Company’s business plans
  • Technical data of the company

Won’t you think there should be some software or app that can assist you in monitoring your employees or let you to have preventive strategies before the data is leaked? Sooner or later you will need that.

You can think of cell phone spy app like StealthGenie. At least you will get to know about your employee activities and what are they up to with business data. According to statistics 35% of data breaches are caused by negligent employee that is quite alarming.

A Case That You Should Know!

Here is one case of the Morrisons. According to the Guardian thousands of Morrison staff personal details leaked online, including salaries, personal addresses and details of bank account. A Morrison employee has been arrested in connection with the data theft and publishing it online. This came as the embarrassing issue for Morrisons and also affected its market of customers.


By making yourself aware about the ongoing employee activities, you can minimize the vulnerability of data loss.

Why Cell phone Spy App Is the Real Data Guardian?

When I say that businesses are going mobile, it means there are increasing concerns of data loss of mobile. The more likely you are carrying it, the more likely you are to lose it. Your maximum communication is being done via mobile. Even your business communication with clients is more frequent on mobiles.

Data is important to businesses and how you secure it, that’s even more important.

No, you are not going to do this with you employee phone obviously…

Android Spy App- An Ultimate Employee Monitoring Solution

…not even this

Employees access systems of the company and third party application via their mobile devices. There is a lot of information on these devices. In case the data is mishandled by your employee or mobile is lost, ultimately your business will suffer. So, if you are thinking about the digital monitoring solution, it’s not a big deal.

What You Can Monitor?

There are multiple mobile activities that you can monitor with cell phone spy app.

First, you need to monitor the e-mail activities. It is imperative for you to keep a check on the communication that your employees are making with clients. You never know if they are sending wrong emails in order to damage your market reputation or sending inappropriate product information. It won’t be the bad idea if you can check all incoming/outgoing emails.


You are also required to access multimedia of your employee. You are well aware that videos and photos always go viral and competitors are always looking for an advantage out of it. You need to look at the photos and videos that your employees have saved in their mobiles.


Moreover, if you have the option of recording calls, you can hardly negate such app. Most of the time, it happens that an employee thinks emails and messages can be saved in the mobile. Calling give them safe side, but if you will be given the option of record, you will consider it the best available option.


You might know that Geo-location is the common feature that cell phone spy software has. How about the feature that can send you instant alerts if your employee enters at some location where he should not at that time? Yes! The Geo fencing is the exclusive feature that can mark areas in red and green zones and you will be notified as well. What else could be better?


You don’t want to be listed down as “Leaky Corporation”; as this can put your market reputation at stake.

The best part about this employee monitoring software is that it is undetectable. You don’t need to worry that your employee is going to know about it. Have a look how it works in stealth mode.

You understand well that what you need to do in order to keep a secret eye on your employee. The choice is all yours! What kind of tactics you are practicing in order to run your business smoothly? Let me know!