AIMA’s Future Role As Hedge Fund Assets Could Top $5 Trillion

The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) is a leading educational and advocacy group for the global hedge fund industry. The association has doubled both staff and revenue over the last 5 years, and looks to continue its global efforts under the leadership of new CEO Jack Inglis.

Jack Inglis  AIMA


Jack Inglis discuss AIMA’s past and future efforts

In this Opalesque.TV interview, Jack Inglis sits down with Opalesque.TV to discuss AIMA’s past and future efforts to meet the growing demands from their members, primarily driven by the expansive and increasingly complex global regulatory changes they face in running their management firms and operating in the market. To address this demand, AIMA has grown significantly in its government and regulatory affairs department, in order to assist members in navigating these changes and also to assist regulators around the world in reaching appropriate outcomes through direct advocacy efforts.

He sees the hedge fund industry as having enormous growth potential for capital inflows, as sophisticated investors have long-term time horizons and continue to invest in hedge funds as valuable additions to their portfolio mix and diversification objectives. Jack Inglis is optimistic that future growth could reach $5 trillion, possibly within the next 2-3 years. Within this context of potential growth, the organization’s focus is on the great body of work that remains to be done on educational and regulatory fronts for policymakers and regulators, AIMA members, and the whole spectrum of stakeholders, including shareholders and the general public.

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