The Best Of iOS 8 Features

The Best Of iOS 8 Features
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) officially unveiled iOS 8 earlier this week at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Key features for the mobile operating system were highlighted during the event, but many features were also left out of the discussion. Let’s take a closer look at iOS 8.

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Exciting features with iOS 8

Email, which is one of the most basic essentials, gets a nice upgrade with iOS 8. The upgrade was inspired by the features from Mac OS Yosemite. The email also features a navigational sidebar. For those who are composing an email but forgot to add the attachment, they can swipe down the draft message to locate the content, then swipe the screen back up to complete the message.

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iOS 8 also brings QuickType. This new feature offers word suggestions and personalized options which learns how users communicate with everyone on their contacts list. Additionally, group messaging now allows users to title threads as well as set up “do-not-disturb” modes.

A closer look at cloud storage and iCloud

Cloud storage is a key trend in technology and iOS 8 certainly won’t disappoint cloud fans. iCloud Drive is a virtual locker that stores documents and applications. Users can work across apps and documents so the edits will show up in the original version. Photos and videos will also be available through Cloud Drive. The fun for photos doesn’t end there – there will also be smart photo controls that allow for more brightness or lighting.

Perhaps one of the most exciting changes that come with iOS 8 is HealthKit, a new application that focuses on health and fitness. This application is essentially a dashboard that allows users to check health metrics. It will work in conjunction with third-parties to provide data. Nike and Mayo Clinic will be the first companies to integrate their health services into the new HealthKit.

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