Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Making Model S Even Better

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Making Model S Even Better
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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk plans to keep the Model S feeling fresh with improvements in some hardware and software features.  Musk stated that the company will integrate some software updates to the Model S fleet through which the car can gather knowledge about the driver’s habits and adjust to them, according to a report from USA Today.

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“There aren’t many products that give people joy, and we want this to be one of those products,” Musk told shareholders at the annual meeting last week.

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Improved Tesla Model S

The navigation system of the car will show routes where a driver can escape from traffic jams, and drivers can even name their car in the mobile app.

The latest version of Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S has an underbody shield, which prevents object from getting through to the battery pack. Musk said that drivers can drive their Model S “over a concrete block and be OK.” Increasing the shielding is the after effect of two accidents that were reported in the United States as the cars hit the object. Both the vehicles caught fire, but no one was hurt. The Model S comes with power folding mirrors and sensors that will alert the system; preventing a crash or bumping into an object.

By the end of this year, an enhanced driver seat will be installed as the current one is not that comfortable. Additionally, the EV manufacturer is trying to integrate a self-driving feature in the car similar to an automatic pilot on aircraft. However, the driver will still have to remain alert.

Model X delayed again

At present, Model S is the only vehicle available from the house of Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA). The vehicle can run up to 265 miles in a single charge, the longest range for an electric car. However, the Model X has been delayed and will not be launched this year. According to Musk, the launch was postponed to ensure that the signature falcon wing doors make it comfortable to get in the rear, work properly and are leak proof. Musk said that getting the door right is very challenging.

According to Musk, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) electric fleet has covered 344 million miles collectively with no “serious permanent injury” or death on the road. Musk said that this is one of the company’s proudest achievements.

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  1. I didn’t know that suicide doors are back in modern vehicles. The worst door I see is that on convertibles because in an accident with the window down it can take your head off. I’ve seen 2 heads on the road from this, and it is not a fun experience. A good modern AWD improves handling in wet conditions and cornering, for the average driver, not just in snow. Personally I like it when AWD can be disengaged and only employed when necessary, for several reasons.
    I wish Tesla all the best on succeeding with these doors.

  2. Sorry, Gulf was a typo. The issue will be the flow of water when the door is open, and the seals on the top when it is closed. With pine needle droppings and humidity, a sunroof in the PNW requires care to stop its drainage paths plugging up and creating water inside the frame and vehicle (happened to me several times now). I’d actually like the doors if they work well because they should make parking in tight spots easier.

  3. Gull not Gulf. The name comes from the bird’s wings. I live in PDX and I dont’ see how Gull wings would be a bad idea in the NW they actually act as a roof while you are entering the car. MHO

  4. Gulf wing doors will be a huge sales success though. Not everyone is in the NW and shares concerns for that and AWD. If the model X is to stand on it’s own and not blend into the crowd, it’s unique features that captivate and garner attention. Look at all the suicide doors now being installed on other vehicles. Everyone needs that niche.

  5. Gulf wing doors is more than challenging – it is a stupid feature for the Pacific Northwest when it is raining hard. I’ve thought that an SUV truck/crossover with mini-van style sliding doors would be a nice feature if it was practical to build.

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