Galaxy Note 4 And Galaxy S6: What Will Samsung Deliver?

Galaxy Note 4 And Galaxy S6: What Will Samsung Deliver?
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The Korean consumer electronics giant has two massive releases on the horizon. The Galaxy S6 will hit the shops early next year, and is expected to deliver the sort of functionality which its predecessor perhaps failed to embody. And its flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, is due to be released in the next few months if recent media reports are to be believed. What can we expect from these two massive mobile products, and will they deliver all that consumers are hoping for?

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Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was perhaps criticized a little by some analysts for not quite delivering the knockout blow that was anticipated. While it is a thoroughly competitive smartphone, and one that Samsung insists is its biggest seller yet, there wasn’t anything truly outstanding about it which would make it stand out from the iconic Apple range of iPhones.

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Thus, a lot is expected of the Galaxy S6. Fans of Samsung’s smartphone series are demanding that the S6 features a large QHD screen at the very least. While UHD would be an absolute ideal here, the general feeling is that Samsung must do something outstanding to make the Galaxy S6 really stand out from the pack. There have been no end of rumors suggesting that Apple will do precisely that with the iPhone 6.

The Galaxy S6 could also leave quad-core behind and opt for an opta-core processor. This would really make the Galaxy S6 something to shout about, a device that could truly blow away the competition in performance terms.

Above all else, Samsung must spruce up the appearance of the Galaxy range. Apple wins hands down in this department, and the Galaxy S5 disappointed somewhat with its looks. No matter how much spec Samsung packs into the Galaxy S6, the Apple iPhone 6 will unquestionably hit the stores looking gorgeous and running like greased lightning, so Samsung must deliver something with the Galaxy S6 that makes the device really catch the eye of the discerning consumer.

Galaxy Note 4 And Galaxy S6: What Will Samsung Deliver?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The big news with the Galaxy Note 4 is that it could be coming out in September, setting up a straight battle with the iPhone 6. Whether Apple would welcome this or not is highly debatable, and it would certainly represent a bold move by the Korean giant. With a phablet-sized Apple iPhone 6 having been rumored for some months, September really could see the battle of the phablets take place on the High Street.

Thus, the pressure is on Samsung to deliver something with the Galaxy Note 4 that really makes it stand out from its Apple competitor. In recent years, Samsung has put a lot of emphasis on the quality of cameras installed in its mobile devices, and this seems to be a key element of the Galaxy Note 4. Apple has scrimped on its camera quality to some degree, and it should be expected that Samsung will be very strongly pushing this element when the Galaxy Note 4 is released.

The Galaxy Note 4 will also be armed with QHD resolution, meaning that Apple will need to deliver something of real quality with the iPhone 6.

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  1. LOL I might be but its because they deliver. Samsung products (Cell, tv, etc) are just amazing. LOVE my tablet. So yeah I am a fan for sure. I am NOT a blind fan. If they started making crap product or another product was far exceeding the Samsung offering (like Samsung is to Apple) then I would be looking elsewhere. Samsung deserves my loyalty because they have the best product consistently.

  2. “I have been loyal with Samsung and not because I am a fan boy…” -and- “I WILL have the 4 on release day!”

    You *are* a fan boy! Embrace it! ;-)

  3. With the new Samsung Galaxy coming out I better sell my old Galaxy before the value of it drops. I usually search 6-12 different sites to find the best offer, but I just found this company that compares all the buyback companies in one spot, it’s called RecomHub.

    It’s like Kayak but for electronic devices that show you all the offers in one spot.

  4. I don’t agree that Apple has skimped on camera quality. In fact I have on both samsung and Iphones and can tell you that Iphone cameras are simply better. I have my reasons for sticking with samsung but I hope that they decide to improve their cameras. More important than Mega Pixels is Aperture Size. Iphones are moving to f/1.8 on all Iphone 6. I hope Samsung does the same or at least no smaller than f/2.0

  5. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I just don’t see how clunky with huge bezels can look more appealing than a streamline, small bezel device…the iphone is the only current smartphone that could easily pass for a buttonless DVD remote control.

  6. This writer lost any credibility when they said “iconic Apple range of iPhones”. Apple has had basically the same looking phones since day one. Ok it is thinner and last 2 models were 4 inch screens instead of 3 1/2 inch screens but it looks exactly the same since 2007. There hasn’t been anything “iconic” coming out of the IPhones since 2010. Shoot they are now just getting things Android has had for at least 3 years now. So you can’t talk about how Samsung past 3 phones looked basically the same. Shoot HTC, Sony, and LG phones look very close to their last year models too. Where is the hate with that?
    It is also funny how Iphone lovers talked about the cheap plastic Samsung but yet raved about the plastic Iphone 5C which is cheap plastic. both used polycarbonate plastic.
    Apple is the one behind every one and is playing catch up. Not the other way around. I have seen many Iphone people waking up, jumping ship and being happier with a phone that can be customized with a bigger screen.

  7. First of all Samsung outsells Apple… :)

    Three sided display, I don’t know how useful that will be to me but I can tell you this I WILL HAVE ONE.. that looks badass. I use my Note 3 for business, personal.. its basically part of me. I use something like 40 GB per month of data. I tether, everything. The iPhone is pretty sweet I mean they just came out with 4g so that’s cool. And soon they will have a screen large enough to see; shit you could probably even watch a video and enjoy it!!! I mean not flash or web videos but you know what I mean.. Anyway I digress. I have been loyal with Samsung and not because I am a fan boy (well maybe a little – but they have earned it). It would not take much to get me on to something else.. If Samsung starts making crap (doubt it) then I am gone. Until then they lead the industry in speed, reliability; innovation, memory, processing power, durability. I WILL have the 4 on release day!

  8. I can’t wait either. I strongly believe the Note 4 will have the 3 sided display, based on what the CEO was saying about it, and I’m very excited. I hope it lives up to the hype.

    But regardless, nobody is going to change sides. The iPhone 5s has a gig of ram, less than 720p screen, 8mp camera, etc. The Note 3 has 3 gigs, 4k video recording, slo-mo(better than apple’s) etc. The s5 is waterproof, the note 4 will be too. There are absolutely things apple does better, like their Touch ID (although all you can use it for is unlocking the phone, so how great it is is really up to discussion), and I’m sure there’s another something.

    The point being, for those who’ve been paying attention, the iPhone should’ve already been proven to be falling behind, and most people haven’t noticed. I mean, even Google glass comes with double the ram of the iPhone. Unfortunately, no matter how incredible the note 4 is, I don’t think it’ll make a difference in public opinion.

  9. That’s incredible looking, but so are all the fanmade renders before any phone comes out. I hope it ends up looking like that, though, even though I won’t be buying it. Windows phone deserves more recognition.

  10. Thank you for saying that. Apple nerds to bring it. Samsung always has. Love my note three, loved my 2 and 1, and s3, 2, and vibrant. Can’t wait for the 4.

  11. The Note already had a differentiator it is called the S-Pen ! Nothing Apple puts out is going to touch the Note 4 end of story !

  12. Samsung has released they’re Note line in September for four years straight. It has absolutely nothing to do with the iPhone 6, and it’s not a bold move on Samsung’s part, it’s a bold move on Apple’s part if anything.

    Please stop trying to make everything about apple.

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