Lets Talk About Money And Why It Values


Gold, token, commodity and the cash money has been the tricks of trades in the past and at present. Cash has been correlated with the amount of gold reserves in a country but this infographic has a different view point in terms of using gold standards for cash reserves.

As you will see in this well-researched infographic, there is complete history of how the cash has been evolved over the centuries and what are the uses of cash as opposed to barter exchange in the past and at the present. The author explains that money came into action because barter was insufficient, complicated and messy. Money as compared to barter exchange is portable, durable and divisible and eventually the value of convenience outweighed the value of commodity money. From the Eastern European jewellery about 4000 BC to the Great Britain gold standards tying the amount of gold to a pound, money has changed various forms till the day we have the paper forms of money.

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