iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6: Smartphone Heavyweight Showdown

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6: Smartphone Heavyweight Showdown
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Although Samsung has persistently claimed that sales of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, have exceeded those of the previous iteration, the whole smartphone landscape is about to shift once more. The release of the Apple iPhone 6 will undoubtedly attract a huge amount of attention and custom, and given that Apple apparently has very ambitious plans to remodel the iPhone it would seem that its major competitor will actually not be the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S6 confirmed

Samsung has already revealed that the Galaxy S6 will be released next year, and we can expect a release date roughly in line with the Galaxy S5. Thus, it will hit the High Street a few months after the likely release of the iPhone 6, which has been earmarked by most analysts for September, 2014. Thus, the Galaxy S6 will be a direct response to Apple’s new iPhone, and be required to create the sort of buzz which the Apple device is certain to generate.

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Both devices are very much at the rumors stage at the moment, although with the weeks ticking away to a potential iPhone 6 release, there has been a lot of news seeping out regarding how the iPhone 6 might shape out once it is available. But we’re not quite sure what to expect from the Apple device yet, although the chances of a phablet-sized model reaching the marketplace in the near future, if not initially, seem increasingly likely.

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6: Smartphone Heavyweight Showdown

iPhone 6 to be defining smartphone

Apple know that they have  the chance to really define the smartphone market with the iPhone 6, and this is extremely important for them, given that the city will be eyeing the performance of the iPhone 6 with particular diligence. This is a key period in Apple’s history in which not only will a new iPhone be released, but during which we’re also expecting to see an Apple iWatch and other possible new product lines explored.

Thus, Apple will want the iPhone 6 to be not merely a nifty update to the existing iPhone, but something truly new and genre-defining. Apple has always done an excellent job of producing devices that stand out physically and create an immediate impression with consumers, and this will be doubly important with the iPhone 6. The internal specifications of the phone matter less for Apple than for Samsung or for that matter other companies; Samsung have actually outranked them in this department for, but they are yet to outsell them. We can expect something particularly unique and striking from Apple when the iPhone 6 hits the market.

Samsung to up the ante

With the Galaxy S6, Samsung will surely try to up its presentation game, while producing the most powerful mass market smartphone in history. Samsung has always ensured that the Galaxy range has a jaw-dropping range of specs, and the S6 promises to be no different. The Galaxy S6 may thus embrace a 2560×1440 QHD display, quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB RAM and a powerful 3000mAh battery.

But the metal chassis as standard could be the most important part of the Galaxy S6’s armory. To get on an even keel with the iPhone, the Galaxy must be viewed as equally cool and desirable. Certainly in the Western world, Samsung has not yet achieved this. Above all else, the Galaxy S6 will be intended to close this gap in perception.

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