Apple’s iPhone 6 To Have A Better Battery Life [REPORT]

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Better battery life is a feature everyone wants from their smartphone. It looks like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may deliver just that with the upcoming iPhone 6.

GisforGames writer Laoyaoba claims the upcoming iPhone 6 (which could measure up to 5.5 inches) needs a slim battery. Unfortunately, the company’s big supplier Dynapack International Technology Corporation experienced difficulties with producing the battery, and so the iPhone maker reportedly had to switch to another company for most of the battery production. Sunwoda will manufacture about 20 million batteries.

Production numbers for upcoming iPhone 6

Laoyaoba also reports that the tech company will build roughly 20 million large iPhone 6 smartphones by late 2014. Just last month, there was a report that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) wanted to build 80 billion iPhone 6 units this year. If the current report matches last month’s report, there will be more of the 4.7-inch versions of the iPhone in production. The purported iPhone 6 is predicted to feature a thinner build, speedier A8 processor and better camera.

Design possibilities

As fans continue to wait for the arrival of the next great smartphone, rumors regarding the device will continue until the official unveiling. There have been numerous mock-ups and concept designs for the iPhone 6. Almost all of the mock-up designs showcase a phone with a thinner body, freshly redesigned buttons and slimmer bezels. There are numerous iPhone cases that look like what the iPhone 6 is rumored to look like, however, all the products are still based off the same leaked designs we have seen.

There is a lot riding on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) this year, as expectations are high. And with competition from the likes of Android-based competitors like Samsung, it wouldn’t be to surprising if it did launch a larger phone this year. Last year, the tech giant released two smartphones, but unfortunately the cheaper iPhone 5C failed to meet sales expectations. There is a very good chance Apple will think big in 2014.

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