Facebook Inc: Small Trick To Cleanup News Feed

Facebook Inc: Small Trick To Cleanup News Feed

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s News Feed comes populated with lots of stuff, including photos, videos, updates from pages we like, as well as updates from friends. This can lead to lots of “noise” on your news feed, especially if you’ve added lots of friends. If you’re thinking about trying to clean up your Facebook News Feed, then here’s a useful tool that you should try out.

How to clean Facebook’s newsfeed

This tool that we’re talking about is actually not something new, but it is kind of hidden. In fact, there’s no button to access this tool directly from Facebook.com, but you can access it from this link: facebook.com/friends/organize

So what does this tool do? Basically, by using this tool, you can add some of your friends to your acquaintances list, which means you’ll see fewer updates from these friends/acquaintances once you add them to this list.

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When you log in to Facebook and visit this tool, the social network giant will automatically find friends that you haven’t interacted with in awhile. You can now check and uncheck friends that you would like to add to your acquaintances list so that updates from these friends won’t show up as often on your news feed.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) defines acquaintances as: “This list is for friends you don’t need to stay in close touch with. People on your acquaintances list will rarely show up in your News Feed.” That’s why, if you feel the people suggested in the list are as not so close to you any more, then add them to your “Acquaintances” list. This process only takes a minute or two and is a very simple way to cleanup an overflowing news feed.

Take a minute to try the new news feed clean up method and let us know how it works for you.

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