Dell Announces Several Security Initiatives Today

Dell Announces Several Security Initiatives Today
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Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) is continuing its evolution into a diversified technology company as it announced a slew of new security-related initiatives and devices to highlight that its security software has matured into an end-to-end suite that is fully scalable for customers of all types.

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Enhancements to Dropbox for Business with Dell’s Data Protection Cloud Edition (CE)

The now private PC titan announced announced several new Cloud edition (CE) features this week, such as a clear separation between personal and work data stored in Dropbox. CE now only encrypts and provides management tools for company files. This means enterprises can keep data secure and employees can access both personal and business accounts from any Dropbox app.

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Dell also extended remote wipe capabilities to the Data Protection CE admin console; until now, wiping had only been available through the Dropbox for Business admin tools.

Advanced solutions such as CE help Dell bring enterprise-class security resources to small and midsize businesses. Marketed as all-in-one solutions to help minimize the complexity of BYOD programs and other device and data-management challenges, Dell’s Data Protection suite is a big part of the firm’s plans to redefine itself as a leading enterprise software player as well as a world-class PC and server maker.

Optiplex 9030 launch

The newly private company also officially launched the OptiPlex 9030, a new business PC that supports not only the new HCA technology, but also other security features including single sign-on and authentication through Dell Data Protection Security Tools. The 9030 can be purchases in Intel i3, i5, or i7-based configurations, all of which take advantage of Intel’s integrated graphics.

The Optiplex’s 23-inch monitor is non-touch, but a touchscreen option is available if you prefer. Somewhat surprisingly, it comes with Windows 7 Professional (a Windows 8.1 Pro license is also included) and up to 8 GB of RAM can be added. You can buy an OptiPlex 9030 for under $1,300, and is already available for purchase.

Dell HCA

This week also saw the launch of the Dell Data Protection Hardware Crypto Accelerator (HCA). This new technology can be ordered on select Dell Latitude, Optiplex, and Precision PCs. HCA allows for self-encrypting drives that are designed to make encryption keys inaccessible if a device is tampered with. Moreover, HCA doesn’t impact computing performance, and means businesses no longer need to purchase separate, self-encrypting drives. The company also noted that HCA is the only commercially available product to date to achieve the federal FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification.

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