Boehner, Others In Congress Blast Obama On Prisoner Exchange

Boehner, Others In Congress Blast Obama On Prisoner Exchange

While President Obama’s approval rating is around 44% there will always be a core group of people that his skin color alone will keep him from pleasing. If the President were to lower unemployment to 2% there would, unfortunately, remain a large part of America who would blame the Muslim (insert the “N Word” or other racial epitaph here) for the country’s rising inflation due to near full-employment. The same ignorant bloc that would sooner see their children die than receive access to health care from a black man. People that make Christian Scientists look reasonable as they simply pray for their children to affect an end to their illness.

I don’t wish to get terribly political so I will simply say, Congress has an approval rating on par with cholera and chlamydia no matter which party individual Congresspersons represent. In a search for another Benghazi, Boehner is jumping on the release of  Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with a heaping serving of fear-mongering.

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