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Second Attack Near Karachi Airport; ASF Academy Targeted This Time

Pakistan’s Karachi Airport Air force Security (ASF) Force camp number 2 was the scene of heavy firing on Tuesday after unidentified gunmen entered the premises. According to first-hand reports, the number of gunmen could be anywhere between four and seven. The camp is reportedly located at the ASF academy in Bitai Abad, Pehlwan Goth in Karachi.

TTP takes the responsibility

A report from Dawn News said there were also explosions that frightened nearby citizens. The Director General of rangers reached the site to look over the operation. A report from Geo TV said that two shots were heard around 8:30 a.m. after the army’s statement that it had cleared the airport of all militants.

Omar Khorasani of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Mohmand faction tweeted that the group started its second attack. CAA’s Twitter account, @AirportPakistan, tweeted that flight number EK 606 was returning to Dubai. Shaheen International Airlines flight NL 162 coming from Multan has been sent back to its departure point.

Roads that reach to the Karachi airport have been blocked in the wake of the continuing clash between terrorists and security forces. The attack at the Airports Security Force, which is in the vicinity of Jinnah International Karachi Airport, began in the early afternoon. After that, inbound flights were sent back while still in midair and fully loaded planes were abandoned.

“Gunmen are exchanging fire with Airport Security Force (ASF) personnel,” an ASF spokesman said.

Just two days ago, ten terrorists attacked Jinnah International Airport when a long clash between security forces and terrorists caused the death of 28 (ValueWalk shared exclusive photos and video of the first attack). However, the airport was cleared by the Civil Aviation Authority later.

Latest updates on the new attack near Karachi Airport

TV footage shows a heavy presence of paramilitary vehicles and ambulances at the scene. Mashud Tajwar, a spokesperson for Pakistan International Airlines, said authorities are working toward canceling all flight operations at the Karachi Airport and evacuating passengers.

Also according to local news channel, attackers have been arrested and flight operations are re-opened. Rangers are doing search operation in Pahlwaan Goth, an area near the Airport, and the situation is under control now.

There are speculations now that there were only two attackers.

One of our sources inside the airport says only two international flights have taken off so far (6:05 AM EST), while others are postponed to be on the safe side, and passengers are waiting for the new scheduled time (as can be viewed in the exclusive image we have posted above).