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Angry Birds Transformers Releasing Soon

Rovio recently teamed up with game giant Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) to create Angry Birds Transformers. The company’s press release revealed this game will be available on mobile platforms, but there is also a licensing deal that includes licensed items as well as a Telepods line.

Angry Birds Transformers coming soon

The chief marketing officer for Rovio, Blanca Juti, shared her excitement regarding the mashup. She said it will appeal to people who grew up in the 80s as well as today’s younger generation. The game will actually be an extension of kart racer game Angry Birds Go!, but this version will offer a new set of Transformer characters to play with.

There is no date yet for this upcoming game, but it will follow Angry Birds Stella, which comes out in September. Angry Bird Transformers will come out with the following characters: Autobirds (Optimus, Bumblebee, Heatwave, Unknown/Springer, and Matrix) and Deceptihogs (Galvatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Shockwave, Unknown/Megatron, Unknown/Spike, and Unicron). Interestingly, just this past January, the product names for Angry Birds Transformers were released on the Hasbro website. The list appeared briefly, but it gave fans a taste of what to expect. For those who can’t wait or want to know more, there is a splash page with links to all the Angry Birds official social media pages.

Rovio to release Angry Birds Stella in a few months

Angry Birds Stella, which will debut later this year, features a pink bird and all her friends. In the game, Stella moves to Golden Island with all her pals including Dahlia, Luca, Willow, and Poppy. The birds go on a slingshot adventure right on the tree tops of Golden Island. The line of telepod features and game features will literally take the game to new heights.

Rovio’s success with the Angry Birds franchise is a sign that the mobile gaming industry remains strong.