Whistle Camera Lets You Take Selfies With A Whistle

Whistle Camera Lets You Take Selfies With A Whistle

These days smartphone cameras are improving a lot, and in fact, they have replaced digital cameras for many people. Instead of carrying two devices, people have started to carry only their smartphones, which can also be used to capture pictures. But to capture a photo, you’ll need to launch the camera app and then tap on the capture button. If you think that that’s so much work to do, then here’s an app for you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture your precious moments and selfies with just a whistle? Yes, that’s what this new Android app named Whistle Camera is all about.

With this app, you won’t ever need to touch your screen or press any physical button to take a snap. All you’ll need to do is simply launch the app and whistle.

Whistle Camera app features:

  • Whistle-detecting camera;
  • High quality pictures;
  • Auto focus;
  • Ease holding and taking pictures just with one hand;
  • Using the volume up button for an easier way to take a picture;
  • Take selfie pictures using cam countdown;
  • Both landscape and portrait orientation supported;
  • A very useful and fast picture gallery;
  • Share your photos;
  • And easy editing for your photos;

From the app’s settings, you can change the whistle detector sensitivity. In most cases, the default setting will work great, but if it doesn’t work for you, then you’ll want to tweak this setting. Apart from that, you can also change the folder where the images are stored.

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The app does, however, prompt you to upgrade to the Pro version, but there’s nothing wrong with the free version. It is worth noting that the app can only handle photos and not videos. This might be a limitation for some users. But nevertheless, the app is worth giving a shot.

Whistle Camera is developed by an XDA Developer Forum member named itayg, and you can grab it from the link below.

Install Whistle Camera from Google Play Store

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