This Web App Removes Background From Photos In Just A Few Clicks

This Web App Removes Background From Photos In Just A Few Clicks

Some tasks are better kept simple, such as removing the background from your favorite picture. When you want to use the image in a presentation, e-book or on the web, sometimes you might want to remove its background but performing it might look like a hard task at first. You can do this easily in Photoshop but what if you don’t have Photoshop installed, or don’t know how to use it. Fortunately that’s where a web app known as Background Burner steps in. It lets you easily, and quickly remove the background within a few clicks.

Since Background Burner is a web app, you don’t need to install anything on your computer. Just visit the site, upload the image and get the job done. Let’s take a detailed look at this web app.

How Background Burner works

Once you visit the site, drag and drop the photo from which you want to remove the background. You can also click on the “Choose file” button to manually upload an image.

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Once the image is uploaded, the app will try to burn the background automatically, and then after a few seconds of processing, it will present several results.

From those results, you can then choose the best one from them.

You can also click on the “Touch up” button to manually edit the image, from where you can fine tune some parts of the image. This button will take you to an image editor, where the red brush will remove the unwanted part from the image, and green brush will restore the selected part. There are also zoom in and zoom out options so that you can do image editing in a better way.

When you’re finally done, click on the “Use this” button and then wait for a few seconds. You can now download the image as a JPG (with white background) or PNG (with transparent background).

So go ahead and give this online tool a try. It won’t give good results with complex backgrounds, but it will work great with simple and less complex backgrounds.

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