Twitter Inc (TWTR) Increasingly Used To Solve Problems

Twitter Inc (TWTR) Increasingly Used To Solve Problems
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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is now becoming the best medium for getting problems heard sooner and also for getting problems solved. With Twitter, the traditional method of writing a letter to a company in a strident tone to get heard for any complaint is now passe. You just fire off an angry tweet and sit back and wait for the results.

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Social media better than call centers

Angie Konrad, a Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) user who recently while traveling on a train, tweeted that the heating was not turned on, and this tweet when read by the operators of that line induced them into taking corrective action almost immediately and heating was switched on by the train driver, says a report from BBC by Lucy Wallis.

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In a survey by the communications agency Fishburn Hedges and Echo Research in April 2012, covering 2000 respondents, 36% of people had used a social media platform to contact a big company, and 65% of the respondents agreed that social media is a better way than call centers to communicate with companies.

Twitter helpful to both parties

The incident cited above is an example of how Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) enables companies’ to engage with their customers in a closer relationship. The customers can get their grievances resolved faster and in real-time, according to comedian David Schneider who runs the social media consultancy That Lot, and is also a Twitter expert.

“If you’re 29th in the queue on a phone call, only you know that. It’s you and the person who’s keeping you on hold. But if you tweet, its public and it could be picked up, and I think companies are very aware of that,” says Mr Schneider.

Customers do have the benefit of using Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) as a platform for getting the complaints resolved quickly because if they post a bad review or a negative comment on a company, it may generate many re-tweets. Fearing the bad publicity, companies today pay heed to customer complaints via Twitter.

Companies also benefit from Twitter if they cleverly use the public space to get good reviews and positive comments regarding the quality of the good or services they offer.

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