Sneak Peek At Apple’s iOS 8

Sneak Peek At Apple’s iOS 8
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is expected to introduce its iOS 8 mobile operating system during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Although the highly anticipated iPhone 6 most likely won’t arrive until late summer or early fall, Apple fans can get a sneak peak of what to expect from the next great smartphone when Apple unveils the upcoming mobile operating system.

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What iOS 8 might feature

A key highlight for the upcoming iOS 8 O/S will likely involve health-related features such as Healthbook, a feature that’s expected to help users focus on fitness and heart health. The rumored built-in feature may look similar to Passbook, with bold-colored tabs. Healthbook could keep track of vital stats such as heart rate, blood sugar, blood pressure and physical activity. It could also feature a digital emergency card for safety purposes. It is predicted that Healthbook will work in conjunction with the purported iWatch, although the features probably won’t be restricted to the smart watch.

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Another exciting change for iOS 8 will likely include a much-improved version of Apple Maps. For the longest time, the iPhone maker has relied on Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) to provide users with quality maps. Given the intense competition between the companies, it is not surprising Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) wants to break away from ties to rival and provide users with its own version of maps. Apple also probably wants to make up for the snafu that was the first introduction of Apple Maps with the iPhone 5.

iOS 8 to offer changes for iTunes Radio and Game Center

iOS 8 will also likely include an iTunes Radio upgrade. The current version of iOS keeps iTunes Radio stored within the Music feature, but an iOS upgrade could separate the radio from the rest of the music. One feature that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will probably drop from iOS 8 is Game Center. This stand-alone app is basically used by games that want to display scores on the leader board. It’s likely Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will allow users to make changes within the global settings, as well as put more access into the games.

The growing mobile industry also means a growth in cloud services. Apple will likely expand its iCloud service, which could include mobile versions of Preview and TextEdit.

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  1. Needed widgets years ago. Sick of looking at apps and folders.
    Need to upgrade the mail app so we can attach multiple files within the app, and I don’t mean just pictures. Some of us use this phone for work you know?
    Need smart dialer.
    One click calling with groups. Not just a scroll down list of favorites.
    Better keyboard.

    Ios has lots of catching up to do.

  2. Yeah! And how about shortcuts for Mono Audio or invert colors? Also, I want to see a day and night theme too. I think the apps should change color depending on what time of day it is. For example, if an app has a white background (Notes being a good example) it should be changed to a darker color like black so it doesn’t cause a strain in your eyes at night. Give us more liberty Apple!!

  3. Bing Maps are ad free and much better than either Apple or Google maps. Microsoft had years head start on maps too going all the way back to Microsoft Streets and Trips!

  4. Who says “no one knows about it?” All Microsoft users know about it and apparently so does Apple and Android people or they wouldn’t be copying it. Duh!

  5. Google reports that they have 7000 employees that work on Maps. I wonder why Apple feels they need to offer their own mapping service. I doesn’t seem like Apple users using Apple Maps instead of Google would provide any great revenue source for Apple and it doesn’t seem that Google would not provide a quality iphone maps app, just to try and steer people to android; there are too many Apple customers for google to just cut them off.

  6. No. It’s a ripoff of Bing Health & Fitness. Microsoft started this over 3 years ago and now Apple and Samsung are jumping on the bandwagon with their fitness stuff.

  7. Why not something as simple as the ability to create shortcuts to settings? Not the one Apple decide you need, but anyone you desire.

  8. What about finally providing widgets? What about a mail system that integrates with the calendar and task list? How about a file system that allows different apps to share data? These things have been around for a very long time but Apple continually ignores them.

  9. I wish Apple would fight the CTRC, (Canadian radio and television corp.) We can’t access Apple radio, Pandora, Spotify etc. I think they have to address this.

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