Receive iPhone Notifications On Your Mac With Notifyr

Receive iPhone Notifications On Your Mac With Notifyr

Taking out your iPhone for every single notification is not a convenient idea, so wouldn’t it be great if you could check out these notifications on your Mac instead? Well, that’s exactly what this new app called Notifyr does.

What is Notifyr

Notifyr is an iPhone app that shows all your incoming notifications from your iPhone on your Mac. It basically has a companion OS X client that you’ll need to install on your Mac and utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy tech to send iOS notifications to your desktop.

How Notifyr works

It is very easy to configure Notifyr. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the iOS app and the Mac client, you’ll need to follow the procedure to pair Bluetooth. And if everything goes well, you should be able to start seeing all of your iPhone notifications on your Mac’s Notification Center.

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With this app, you won’t need to take out your iPhone from your pocket over and over again because you’ll get all the notifications right on your Mac. You’ll get to check out WhatsApp messages, text messages, who has followed you on Instagram, or any other notifications. You’ll also be notified when you’re receiving a call. There is, however, an option to mute notifications just in case if you want peace of mind for some time.

As per the developer, even if the connection gets lost, Notifyr will automatically reconnect to your phone once it becomes available again. Also since the app uses Bluetooth Low Energy, you can keep running the iPhone app at all times in the background, and it shouldn’t have any negative impact on the battery life.

Now, since the app uses Bluetooth LE, it isn’t compatible with all iPhone models. You’ll need the iPhone 4S or newer and a MacBook Air 2011 or newer, MacBook Pro 2012 or newer, iMac 2012 or newer, and such.

So if you want to get your hands on it, then you’ll need to shell out $3.99 for it from the App Store. Grab the iOS app from here, and the Mac client from here.

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