We posted select videos from the Milken Conference 2014, which we thought would be of interest to readers. Lo and behold, the conference has decided to post all the slides from the conferences. Below you can find all of the presentations in PDF format. Enjoy!

Milken Conference 2014 slides

175 Years of Photography: The Impact of Images
25 Years After the Berlin Wall: Making Democracy Work in the Rest of Europe
A Conversation with Ken Griffin and Steve Schwarzman
Abenomics in Japan: Are the Three Arrows on Target?
Activist Investors and the Search for Alpha
Adjusting to the Tech Revolution: Surfing the Wave or Swept Away?
Aging: The Next Global Investing Opportunity
America’s Debt and the Economy: A Hard Look at Public Spending and Finance
Are Renewables Still Relevant?
Art 360: Passion, Wealth and the Business of Art
Brand Battlefield: Mobile and Social Networks
Bridging the College Gap: Preparing Low-Income Students to Succeed
China in Transition: Still a Land of Opportunity?
China’s Economic Outlook: The View from Asia
Credit Markets: What’s Next?
Crosscurrents in Latin American Business
Debating Online Higher Education: Sebastian Thrun and Niall Ferguson
Demographic Edge: California’s Diversity and Global Business
Emerging Markets: Are They Ready for Steadier Performance?
Entertainment: The Big Picture
Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Corporate World
Entrepreneurship: A Shingle for Everyone in the New Trust Economy
Financing the Missing Middle Market
Food Security: How to Feed an Ever-Hungrier World
Four Ways Stem Cells Will Change the Face of Medicine
Global Game Changers: Constructive Action
Global Governance: Which System Will Thrive?
Global Risk
Health Care Delivery in the 21st Century
Healthy Savings and the Economy: Age, Choice and Lifestyle
Hollywood’s Pursuit of the Digital Dollar
Housing Finance and Private Capital
India: Can a New Government Mark a New Beginning?
Inequality and Mobility in America
Inventing the Impossible
Investing for Impact: What’s in Your Portfolio?
Investing in Growth: Accessing Global Capital
Is There Mojo in M&A?
Israel as a Global Health Innovation Beta Site
Jobs in the Developed World
K-12 Education Reform: Forward or Faltering?
Living Healthy: Education, Access and Activity
Look, Ma, No Hands! The Future of Cars
Lunch Program | Global Overview: Where Does Growth Come From?
Lunch Program | High Stakes in Cyber-Security
Monetary Policy: Forward Guidance on the World’s Central Banks
Money Goes Virtual: The Bitcoin Bourse
Nutrition and Fitness: Living Well Forever
Pension Funds and the Economics of Retirement: Demographics Drive Evolution
Philanthropy Now: Prizes, Purpose, People
Prevention and Wellness: The Keys to a Healthier, More Prosperous Society
Private Equity: Rebalancing Risk
Progress vs. Pessimism in the Middle East
Reading the Tea Leaves: Where Are Markets Headed?
Real Estate: Housing Builds a New Foundation
Redefining the Middle East: A Game-Changing Energy Alternative from the Eastern Mediterranean
Redrawing the World Energy Map
Revenge of the Superbugs: How Can We Outsmart Killer Microbes?
Russia: A Business Opportunity Wrapped in a