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While studying economics, Brendan found himself comfortably falling down the rabbit hole of restaurant work, ultimately opening a consulting business and working as a private wine buyer. On a whim, he moved to China, and in his first week following a triumphant pub quiz victory, he found himself bleeding on the floor based on his arrogance. The same man who put him there offered him a job lecturing for the University of Wales in various sister universities throughout the Middle Kingdom. While primarily lecturing in descriptive and comparative statistics, Brendan simultaneously earned an Msc in Banking and International Finance from the University of Wales-Bangor. He's presently doing something he hates, respecting French people. Well, two, his wife and her mother in the lovely town of Antigua, Guatemala. To contact Brendan or give him an exclusive, please contact him at theflask@gmail.com

1 Comment on "Metadata Can Get You Killed According To Former NSA Chief"

  1. 4prongpitchfork | May 13, 2014, 7:18 am at 7:18 am |

    quote”The U.S. government has no compunctions about carrying out
    extra-judicial killings and “kill[s] people based on metadata,” said the
    former head of the NSA, Michael Hayden, recently.”unquote

    Extra-judicial killings. Don’tcha just love USG euphemisms? Like “enhanced interrogations”=torture. In this case, it’s USG propaganda speak for ASSASSINATIONS..which by statute are ILLEGAL..regardless of pond scum DOJ AG “athorization” memos..which..to this day..have been..whudda thunk….classified.

    Btw, let’s hope the architect of USG sadistic “torture” and “murder by drone” programs, receives the same from a sovereign who has no compunction about carrying out extra-judicial killings on murderers responsible for the incineration of thousands of innocent human beings. In reality, this degenerate lying scumbag has virtually single handedly reduced the so called American “exceptunalism” to ashes, notwithstanding the Magna Carta and the US Constitution, by virtue of murdering FOUR US citizens without ONE SHRED of due process. Yes, Michael Hayden, the overseer of the expansion of the Afghanistan Poppy crop to biblical proportions in 2006, who, as it turns out, goes on to head the very agency who has masterminded unconscionable acts of global terrorism, drug running, overthrow of sovereign governments, rendition and torture, and murder…the CIA. Yes, THAT Michael Hayden, the posterchild of WAR CRIMINALS-R-US.

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