Justin Bieber May Face Attempted Robbery Charges

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Although at this point Justin Bieber has not been charged or officially accused of wrongdoing (at least in this particular case), TMZ is reporting that police in Los Angeles are investigating the pop star as a potential suspect in an attempted robbery case.

Justin Bieber accused

A woman from the San Fernando Valley area alleges that Bieber, along with his entourage,” got into a fight with a group of guys at a batting cage. The woman said she pulled out her phone to record the fight on it. Bieber reportedly demanded her phone so that he could erase photos of him on it. She said when she refused to give it to him, he reached right into her purse and helped himself to it.

The woman tried to keep him from taking it but said that Bieber was able to tear it from her hands. However, she had locked the phone so that he was unable to get to the photos she had taken on it. She reportedly told police that he gave the phone back to her and demanded that she unlock it so that he could look at the photos.

She unlocked the phone and showed that she hadn’t taken any photos of him and then said that she and her 13-year-old daughter wanted to just tell him hi. She said he screamed at her, saying she was humiliating herself in front of her daughter and then demanding that she get out of there. The woman added that her daughter began to cry at that point.

Bieber’s no stranger to brushes with the law

Although this is probably be the first time Justin Bieber has been accused of attempted robbery, he’s been in trouble plenty of times before, usually for drinking, driving under the influence, and having drugs in his system. He was also accused of assaulting a limo driver in December and of vandalism last year in Brazil.

Maybe the White House will rethink that petition calling for Bieber to be deported.

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