iPhone Users vs. Android Users: Differences in the lifestyle

iPhone Users vs. Android Users: Differences in the lifestyle
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Previous studies have shown that the iPhone users are more brand loyal than Android users. And yet another study demonstrated that the iPhone users spend more on apps than their Android counterparts. A new study conducted by Jonathan Sills of the venture capital firm Battery Ventures reveals differences in the lifestyle and habits of users of the two rival platforms.

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Differences and similarities between the iPhone and Android users

The study found that the iPhone users are wine-sipping frequent fliers. iPhones are mostly used by the white-collar crowd. In contrast, the Android users are bus-hoppers that visit McDonald’s frequently and consider themselves religious. Besides, the iPhone users are more likely to have stock market investments. This user demographics study could help companies that want to advertise their products on mobile devices to a specific audience.

In a way, the study concludes that the iPhone user are usually more sophisticated, while those using Android aren’t very much of a class conscious group. Notably, Battery Ventures found that both the iPhone and Android users are equally likely to own a gun and a house, and watch Fox News. But most of the differences between the two user groups disappear when the user base is adjusted for income.

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iPhone users are more educated

Another study conducted by the mobile dating application AYI.com shows that those looking for love online and make at least six figures in annual income tend to be iPhone users. In comparison, Android users earn an average of below $60,000 per year. AYI.com conducted the study by compiling and analyzing its user data for customers who access the site via an iPhone vs an Android device. The study also found that the Android users are 33% more likely to have children.

When it comes to education, AYI found that the iPhone users are twice as likely to have a master’s degree compared to their Android counterparts. And they are 55% more likely to have a bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, only 28% Android users have a university degree, and 72% haven’t completed a post-high school degree.

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