iPhone 6 Mockup vs. iPhone 5S

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An Italian website claims to be showing off images and a video of an iPhone 6 mockup being used by case and accessory manufacturers. We’ve already seen several of these types of photos. This time around though, the site claims to have confirmed that the standby button will be in a different place and that the handset will have a protruding camera and rounded edges.

The great iPhone 6 debate

Over the weekend, Macitynet.it compared their iPhone 6 mockup with the Samsung Galaxy S5. This time around, the website compares it to the iPhone 5S. In this particular case, we again have something which aligns with many of the rumors we’ve already heard. It also takes a stand in one area in which we’ve heard conflicting rumors: whether or not the camera will protrude from the handset.

If this latest mockup is to be trusted, then it looks like the iPhone 6 is completely redesigned. Of course it’s bigger than the current iPhone 5S, and the edges appear to be wider. It is also thinner, as many believe it will be. Some have said that the handset will be one of the world’s thinnest smartphones when Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launches it, probably in the fall. In these latest images though, the curvier edges of the handset seem to make it look thinner than it really is.

What else the iPhone 6 could bring

The list of rumors about the iPhone 6 is practically endless at this point. Some, like the 4.7-inch screen, are nearly uniform across every supposed leak. Many also expect a 5.5-inch model as well, although there have been rumors that the bigger version of the handset could be delayed because of numerous problems in the design and manufacturing of it.

We also heard lately from one analyst that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might use electronic image stabilization in the iPhone 6 rather than optical image stabilization. This is significant because it may mean that the camera won’t protrude from the back of the handset, as some have suggested that it will.

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