Get This iOS 8 Lock Screen On Your Android Devices


If you’re a regular reader of technology blogs, then you’ll know that iPhone 6 and iOS 8 are talk of the town these days. Every day there’s something new related to the iPhone 6 leaking out to keep us entertained, and while some of these rumors might not be true, many of the rumors actually turn out to be true. So if you own an Android device, but are interested in iOS 8, then this is the app is for you.

We’ve seen many apps that give an iOS type look to Android smartphones or tablets and this is just a continuation of the trend. However, iOS 8 is not expected to be announced until the WWDC later in June of this year.

Give an iOS 8 look to Android devices

IOS 8 (yes, with a capital I), is the newest and hottest lock screen replacement app. The app, according to the theme developer, gives an iOS 8 lock screen look to your Android device. Of course, there’s no denying that right now no one has any knowledge of what the iOS 8 lock screen will really look like, so it;s all really speculation at this point.

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Will the iOS 8 lock screen really look like this or not is certainly debatable, but there’s one thing for sure, and that is the “IOS lock screen” is gorgeous. Users will be able launch apps directly from the lock screen, depending on where they drag the center of the circle to. For example; dragging the circle to the right will launch Messages, dragging to the left will launch the Call app, and so forth

The new IOS 8 app is free and you can download it right now from the Play Store. However, there’s no guarantee that the real iOS 8’s lock screen will look exactly like this. But it;s all in good fun, so go ahead and give it a spin from the link below.

Install IOS 8 from Play Store