Interview With Jamie Dinan At SALT Conference

Interview With Jamie Dinan At SALT Conference
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Jamie Dinan founded York Capital Management in September 1991 and is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and a Managing Partner of the Firm. Jamie Dinan is a Co-Portfolio Manager of the York Multi-Strategy, York Credit Opportunities, York Event-Driven UCITS funds, and York Sub-Advised ’40 Act Strategy and the Chair of the Firm’s Executive Committee. From 1985 to 1991, he worked at Kellner, DiLeo & Co., where Jamie Dinan became a General Partner and was responsible for investing in risk arbitrage and special situation investments.

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Interview with Jamie Dinan of York Capital Management

York has the same amount of back office as they do investment professionals

European credit is ripe for the pickings

stepping in where the banks aren’t going

terms that are incredibly attractive

banks are moving out of paper, York is buying it

European credit is the gift that keeps on giving (similar to Lehman in the US, which Paulson said was the gift that keeps on giving on his investor call recently)

European equities are 18 months behind. Lots more greenshoots there than 6 months ago.

Europe can not create inflation, but they keep trying

US has had a spigot of QE, but still can’t get to 2%…now we are taking out stimulus and taxes

re going up, demographics are aging — which is causing deflation in the US

Cash is being penalized. Need to use debt correctly and use cash

Worries– Not much keeps me up at night

We run a diversified, liquid portfolio

Often worries about fear begetting more fear —will the risk off continue and start to spiral

Advice for young investors/start ups — not being so focused on managing draw downs, left a lot of money on the table because of it

more willingness to ride volatility

The past is the past, leave it behind…what can you do tomorrow.

Wish I truly appreciated how valuable alpha generation was going to be in the institutional marketplace

Follow your dream, follow your passion

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