@HiddenCash: Mystery Millionaire Fever Gripping Los Angeles

@HiddenCash: Mystery Millionaire Fever Gripping Los Angeles

If you don’t already have vacation plans, it might be time for a trip to Los Angeles this summer, at least if you want to find an envelope stuffed with free money. That’s right, the famous mystery millionaire has struck again, this time in LA and is promising more free cash drops announced via Twitter in the near future.

The mystery millionaire began his social media money hunts in the Bay Area a few days ago. His MO is to drop clues about the location of the envelopes stuffed with money on Twitter, sending his followers out on a cash-hunting frenzy.

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Unknown identity

The mystery millionaire, who’s known as @HiddenCash on Twitter, was interviewed anonymously by LA’s Eyewitness News. He said he is between the ages of 35 and 40 and has had a successful career in real estate. He went on to explain that the cash hunts are basically a way of paying his good fortune forward, and he hopes the people who find the money will find a way to help others with it.

Mystery millionaire moved from Bay Area to Los Angeles

Although the excitement began in San Francisco area, on Thursday evening, people rushed to the Burbank Empire Center when @HiddenCash tweeted the money envelopes were located under a palm tree at a shopping center in Burbank.

Details on LA money drops

It was Tatiana Ramirez, 14, of Pacoima, who tracked down the first envelope. The envelope was stuffed with $210, and Ramirez said she will pay it forward.

Then, on the other side of the mall parking lot, Chris Treichel of Los Feliz uncovered an envelope filled with six $20s and three $5s, totaling $135. He said he will deposit the money in his savings account. “I don’t think I’ve ever won a competition in my life, so pretty remarkable. I just kind of walked over and found it,” Treichel explained.

The third and last envelope contained $300, and was taped onto a trash can.It was found by a woman who preferred to remain anonymous.

On Wednesday, a tweet created a crowd at the Mulholland Fountain in Los Feliz. @HiddenCash had hidden two money drops around the fountian, one envelope containing $252 and the other $100.

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