Google Changes Logo: Can You Spot The Difference?

Google new logo

It is not often that a company makes a tiny change to its corporate logo. Google, the search engine giant, has made such a small and unnoticeable change to its logo that’s hard to spot with the naked eye. However, if you’re a designer, then you should be able to spot that one pixel change.

Can you spot the difference?

Here’s how it looked before:

And here’s how it looked after:
google after

A Reddit user was the first to spot this difference. The company moved the “g” right one pixel and “i” one pixel down and one pixel to the right. As has been said already, this change is very hard to notice, but the GIF created by Gizmodo makes the difference very easy to see.


So why did Google decide to make this minor change to its logo? It’s hard to say, but perhaps for better readability or to be pixel perfect.

This is not the first time that Google has made a minor change to its logo. In fact, many other companies like eBay have made subtle changes to their logos at various times in the past.

So is the change really necessary? Well, that’s arguable…but Google’s design team had a job to do and they did it right.

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