Gmail For Desktop To Get A Significant Redesign

GMAIL redesign

Gmail for Desktop is rumored to be getting a significant new update, according to screenshots obtained by These changes are not just minor UI changes, but are in fact relatively significant changes. Possibly even big enough changes that it will take some time to get used to the new Gmail.

Gmail’s desktop version to get an overhaul

Leaked screenshots of a redesigned Gmail Android app hit the web recently, and now we have images of an overhauled desktop version of Gmail. These changes show that Google is thinking of streamlining their desktop version with the mobile app.

The screenshots, as per Geek, reveal a redesigned Gmail with different screen sizes. This means that Gmail will adopt and display elements relative to the screen resolution of desktop and notebook users. There’s a slide-in menu on the left-hand side which might replace the current sidebar. The interface of Hangouts IM app has also been made into a collapsing menu.

The interface also includes the new pin system, which will replace the old star system in Gmail. You’ll be able to pin important messages. There would be a switch to toggle between the full Inbox view or to view only the pinned messages.

As Geek points out, there’s no guarantee that every change noted here will make it through to the final version of Gmail, as it is too early to say for sure. Furthermore, there’s also no indication about when these changes will roll out to the public. However, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed, and that is that many Gmail users won’t like such a massive redesign. It won’t be a surprise if Gmail users start complaining about it on social media, forums and blogs.

In the end, it is Google’s job to create a better experience for tablet, notebook and desktop users. Gmail could do everybody a big favor if it implements an option to switch between this new look and the old look. This would definitely benefit users during the transition phase.

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