Facebook Inc Makes It Difficult To Find ‘Most Recent’ In iPhone


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) continues to make changes to the way people view their timelines, and a recent update has almost hidden the option of viewing the ‘Most Recent’ stories on Facebook for the iPhone users. Facebook users generally visit the site several times a day and most of them prefer to view their timeline in the ‘Most Recent’ mode as this is a better way to view the friends’ posts without missing something. However, the social networker is now forcing users to view “News Feed” or “Top Stories” instead, says a report from smh.com.


Facebook Inc Makes It Difficult To Find 'Most Recent' In iPhone

Also, the iPhone’s latest update has made sticking with ‘Most Recent’ even more difficult by removing the option from the main screen and burying it under several menus.

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Facebook ‘News Feed’ concept – miss new posts

The ‘Most Recent’ mode enables the viewer to see the posts in chronological order, while the other mode ‘Top Stories’ lists those posts on top that have secured the maximum number of likes and comments or which it considers most important events going by the content of the post also known as ‘News Feed.’

The News Feed concept has value as it allows users to view the most popular posts or events and it makes catching up on recent events easier, but the problem is that same old items remain on top because they are considered important by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), while the new posts from friends are easily missed somewhere down the timeline.

Frustrating for users

What causes frustration among the users is that they are not allowed to choose which they viewing mode they prefer. Rather, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) decides this for them while hiding a few items that may be important from users’ point of view, but that the social networker does not consider important.

Many users are complaining that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is forcing News Feed on them. Even when the user changes the timeline viewing to ‘Most Recent’, it changes back to ‘Top Stories’ some time later on its own. Even if the selected mode of viewing is ‘Most Recent’, the ‘Top Stories’ will again appear on top if someone comments on them. Unfortunately, this means the ‘Most Recent’ concept becomes very much similar to ‘Top Stories’ whether the user wants it or not.