Facebook Inc (FB) A More Preferred Digital Platform Than YouTube


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is more popular in Saudi Arabia compared to other digital platforms, as revealed through a study conducted by Ipsos, a global research firm. The social networking giant shared the finding at a recent roundtable organized in Dubai.

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Facebook Inc (FB) A More Preferred Digital Platform Than YouTube

Facebook enjoying a higher Monthly reach

As per the study, the monthly reach of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is more than other digital platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt. In the same survey, it was also determined that users check their news feed 14 times a day and that 42 million users are on mobile out of a total 62 million monthly active users in the region.

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“The study highlights that there are 1.3 times more people accessing Facebook on a monthly basis than YouTube, 2.5 times more than Twitter and 4.9 times more than Yahoo,” said Jo Tenzer, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s marketing science lead for the EMEA region.

Tenzer said that the Ipsos Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Reach Survey was conducted from November to December 2013. The survey also revealed that Facebook is usually the second screen when a user is watching television, which is 1.7 times more than YouTube and 3.3 times more than Twitter.

Also it was revealed that 77% of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s monthly active users are logged into their accounts during prime time and 74% of monthly users interact with brands on Facebook, compared to 68% in KSA.

Jonathan Labin, head of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, said that the month of Ramadan is different from others, and for years, television was at its highest during the Ramadan month with popular series and shows, but people are now spending their time on Facebook, and the social networking site is becoming an integral part of people’s lives there.

Google+ receives negative feedback

Separately, a recent study by Voxburner concluded that around 53% of users aged between 16 to 24 years confess that they are more fond of YouTube. The survey, which included 1,544 U.K. respondents, concluded that 33% of the respondents loved WhatsApp, compared to 31% of Skype and 27% for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Instagram had just 24% of the total pie.

Also only 2% of the respondents said that they “loved” Foursquare, Tinder, or WeChat. Google+ is the only digital platform that received a significant level of negativity, with 19% of the respondents saying that they “dislike” or “hate” the app.

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