Facebook Inc (FB) CFO Ebersman Unloads 23,400 Shares

Facebook Inc (FB) CFO Ebersman Unloads 23,400 Shares
geralt / Pixabay

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s outgoing chief financial officer David Ebersman revealed in a regulatory filing that he has sold 23,400 class-A shares of the company. Ebersman sold 11,700 shares at $58.07 apiece and another 11,700 shares at $59.65 in transactions dated May 13. He raised $1,377,324 by offloading those shares. David Ebersman now owns 297,645 Facebook shares, that are currently valued at about $17.51 million.

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Ebersman is not the only Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) executive selling the stock. In the past few months, almost every senior executive at the social networking giant has sold shares to reap the benefits of soaring stock prices. Earlier this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (no, he didn’t sell) transferred his class-B stock to class-A, and then donated a part of his holdings to charity. The Mark Zuckerberg Trust converted approximately 4 million class-B stock into class-A. The conversion was quite interesting because class-B shares have more voting rights than class-A.

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