Now Publish Posts Offline With Facebook For Android

Facebook for Android offline

Facebook’s app for Android has just been updated, and one of its interesting new feature is that the app now allows you to post the status update even when you’re offline. Apart from that, there are some usual new “improvements for reliability and speed” as per its Google Play store page.

Sometimes due to network issues, or maybe because our bosses have changed or restricted WiFi access, we are unable to connect to the internet. In such cases, you won’t be able to login to your Facebook account. But thankfully, the new Facebook for Android app allows you to write your status update, upload video and image even when offline.

Before you get excited, note that this only means that you can ‘compose’ a draft status update when offline. That status will automatically be posted to your Timeline when a connection is found.

As per Facebook’s description, with this update, you can “Create posts even when your connection is weak or you’re on airplane mode, and they’ll be shared once your connection gets strong enough.” It is, however, not clear that after how much time does the app checks for Internet connection.

How this new feature works

For example, let’s say you’re offline, but you can still post a status update. You’ll then be able to see your update at the top, but it will be dimmed out. When you’re online again, then this message will be automatically posted. If you don’t want Facebook to automatically post it, but would rather want to post it right away manually when the connection is found, then simply tap on that retry button at the left, and if you want to delete this status update, then tap on “X” at the right. This whole section is highlighted in the screenshot shared above.

If you’re not able to see this feature, then you’ll need to ensure that you’re running on the latest version of Android. For now, there’s no sign on whether the same feature will be included in the iOS app. For now, grab it on the Android app from the below link.

Download Facebook for Android from Google Play Store

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