Facebook Scam Again Claims Accounts Will Be Deactivated

facebook account deactivate

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has to deal with scams from time to time, and often, it’s just the same scams showing up again and again. This time it’s no different, with the newest scam claiming Facebook accounts will be deactivated. Once again, it isn’t true.

Beware the fake Facebook accounts

All Facebook reports that this time the scam comes with a couple of new Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) accounts which claim to be official accounts but are actually just fakes. The two new fake accounts are Facebook Announcement 2K14 and FbCeo Mark Zuckerberg. It’s pretty common for scammers to create fake accounts and make them look real. In one case though, they misspelled Zuckerberg’s last name.

Unsuspecting Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users who do pay attention to posts from either of those two accounts are being subjected to malware, so be advised that it’s best just to ignore them. DON’T CLICK ON THEM!

What happens to affected Facebook accounts

Those who do click on the postings from those fake Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) accounts will find a number of things happening to their account. According to Malwarebytes, the malware associated with those fake accounts causes the user accounts it attacks to auto-like spam posts and various accounts. Users may also find their profiles changed and that their friends have been randomly tagged in span cotes. Those who attempt to undo what the malware has done will find that it prevents them from unfollowing or unlinking the spam accounts and posts.

May 18 is the new alleged disconnect date

The scam also claims that all Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) accounts will be deactivated on May 18. Those who look closely at the posts should also be able to tell just by reading the grammar that it’s a fake. The FbCeo Mark Zuckerberg page reads:

“Attention : to all facebook users Your Facebook Accounts will Permanent Disable if you don’t register your acc in our facebook stop permanent disable!”

Yes, the words are typed exactly like that.  Seeing as how I’m a grammar purist, it gave me a headache just to type that.

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