Unlike McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) which won’t serve you breakfast after 10AM, certain Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE:BKW) locations have been willing to offer its customers burgers before 10AM for the fortunate fat few. Now, however, Burger King is making that option more formal by serving an extensive “Burgers at Breakfast” menu at 5,000 locations.

Burger King: Would You Like To Have A Burger For Breakfast?

Burger King: Burgers and tacos for breakfast?

Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE:BKW) has recently been pushing its Breakfast Dollar Menu and will continue to do so but now its adding options such as: Whoppers, burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries and even its new Big King. It’s an addition rather than a subtraction as Taco Bell has recently launched its own breakfast menu.

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) is the clear leader in the breakfast market with offerings like the Egg McMuffin though Taco Bell has been looking to gain ground with its newly minted menu of deplorable foodstuffs that include the waffle taco and the A.M. CrunchWrap including marketing them in a commercial that includes a number of real people named Ronald McDonald who prefer to “Run For The Border” rather than Golden Arches.

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) responded by marketing its McGriddles on TV in an effort to slow Taco Bell from gaining further traction. After a halfhearted effort, Wendy’s has relegated itself to the breakfast battle sidelines after failing to see its efforts take off with consumers.

Breakfast is big business

“Selling burgers at breakfast at Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE:BKW) restaurants allows our guests to start their day their way — either with the great flame broiled taste of our signature burgers and sandwiches or with our delicious suite of breakfast offerings,” said a spokeswoman in a statement to Ad Age. She also stated that the menu will be supported on a local marketing level via radio, out-of-home, point-of-purchase and digital.

Breakfast is big money. Even McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) and its refusal to serve breakfast a minute after 10AM during the week sees 25% of its revenues inside of the United States before lunchtime. Burger King has never publicly stated how much revenue it derives from its breakfast offerings.

Fast food accounts for 80% of total restaurant morning meals and Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE:BKW) is betting that breakfast can include burgers.