The Most Brutal Video Of The Century: Mother Insanely Beating Her Child


The person who shared this brutal video on Facebook had these words written in the description of the video.

This is the most evil and disgusting video I’ve EVER seen. It should go viral. I found it on Facebook. If the world can let Gangnam style go to billion+ viewers, the world can see this and this baby can be rescued before they kill him/her. It’s not enough to just view it and weep. Share it again and again. On every social network. Someone knows these criminals. They can be found and brought to justice. The videographer is just as evil for sitting there recording instead of stopping the madness. And they have another kid watching, learning this wickedness. Do it for all the billions of abused babies and children around the world!

UPDATE 9/9/2019: Video has been removed due to graphic content

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UPDATE 23/05/2014: After doing some research – we figured out that this video was actually filmed 2 years ago, here is more about it:

Excerpts via CNN:

A video of a teenage Malaysian mother beating her baby daughter has generated a storm of outrage online a year after it was filmed, prompting the Malaysian Police to announce that the woman is already serving an 18-month prison sentence for the offense.

In a post on their Facebook page this week, the Malaysian Police said they had received hundreds of complaints and comments about the case after the four-minute video of the mother repeatedly striking the baby with her hand, her foot and a pillow went viral.

Excerpts via Daily Mail:

  • The clip was filmed in Petaling Jaya, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur in May 2011
  • Unmarried mother, 18, was sentenced to 18 months in jail for child abuse
  • Abused baby is now ‘doing well’ in foster care

The baby was put into the care of a foster family after her mother’s arrest and is now doing ‘very well,’ said Fatimah Zuraidah Salleh, deputy director of the children division of the Social Welfare Department to CNN.

The court will decide whether the mother, who is due to be released in late November, will be allowed to regain custody of the child.

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  1. I can’t believe the authorities would even consider giving her custody again of this child once she’s released from prison. This woman must NEVER be allowed to regain custody of this poor baby again or keep any other children. It is clear to see she will just carry on abusing!
    18 months? Seriously? Why are’nt people/ communities/governments doing enough to protect children?
    The pain and confuse this poor little baby suffered at the hands of someone who should have loved her the most is unbearable.

  2. I agree she should most definitely be punished. At first I figured maybe acid in her face would do the trick. Then I started googling acid victims and their disfigurements. I Couldn’t do that to a lady. I don’t want to be as cold as this psycho woman either. I think having her freedom taken from her at least until the little girl is 18 is not unreasonable.

  3. No, you are dead wrong. I am a mental health counselor and I can tell you with certainty that this is not the behavior of a young, frustrated, overwhelmed teen mother in the Asian culture. This is the behavior of a cold, calculating psychopath who derives sadistic please from hurting innocent babies and who could easily kill a child with no remorse. Psychopathy does not improve with age or treatment. She will undoubtedly harm others if given the opportunity, and she should never, ever be allowed to be around children or babies again!

  4. Don’t blame this behavior on the mother’s age or marital status. Millions of young women in this world are kind, lovely mothers. This monster is clearly a violent psychopath, and she would do the same thing if she were 40 years old and married.

  5. This woman deserves the death sentence! She could have easily killed her child or left him with permanent brain damage. This woman is a psychopath and should never, ever be allowed to be around children or babies again!

  6. Actually, the video was filmed by a friend of the mother as solid evidence of the abuse. I mean, it would have been obvious enough to anybody even without the video, but it was solid evidence.

  7. 18 months isn’t enough! What the hell is wrong with the authorities in that city?! She deserves a lifetime in jail, if it was up to me! Only reason I’m glad that this video was put on-line is so that this woman could have been found and arrested. But why would someone’s first instinct be to record it? I would immediately try and stop her, before she hurt the baby further. It’s depressing to see how sick people can be. If you can’t handle a baby or won’t treat it with love and respect, don’t have one.

  8. I dont care how old this crazy bitch is. I hated watching this and not be able to just grab that woman.and beat her senseless. I cannot believe people exist that would not stop her. Both of them trash, hope they die horribly.

  9. Then nobody will ever film or sneak in to collect evidence for these unfortunate victims. We’ll go back to those days of perfect crimes being done behind the screen…and can not prosecute because of locking of evidence…I want to agree with you but doing so will make the rest of people to choose not to get involve when they witness crime like this. Video is better evidence than your word against the accuse… just a piece of my thought

  10. Hey guys im from india state tamilnadu i have my one and half years im feeling sad for that baby i want to see that baby and i want to hug i love u my baby where r u come to me ill show u a wonderful life love u lot and lot daily when i look to my son im feeling for u my daughter u r my daughter ur mother going to dead from our comments


  12. Theres women (and men) of ALL.ages who abuse children i think that this has nothing to do with a persons age, i had my daughter @ 16 years old and would never in a million years treat her like that i have nothing but love for all children….I dont see how wicked ppl like this can do this to the most innocent and walk aroung shameless smh its so sad to know people like this exist in the world

  13. Oh yes, it is. Age has a lot to do with that kind of behavior. You can ask any sociologist or psychologist you care to. Culture also has to do with it; while it may be the norm and not considered a disgrace in the US and some European families and communities, in Asia it is a different matter.

    She sees the baby as the reason why she is ostracized by her family and friends; the reason for her self-perceived failure in life (even though she has not failed), and may not be able to get married, and takes out her anger on the kid. Am I supporting what she did? Heck no!

  14. This isn’t about a fucking teen pregnancy, no matter her age she would have been as evil as she is. 18 was the norm for 100’s of years. Don’t blame this on teenage pregnancy.

  15. That is what happens when you are not old enough to handle a child. Do not get pregnant! Keep your legs closed till you are mature enough to not just get pregnant but emotionally tolerate a child.

    Babies should not be having babies, period!!

  16. 18 months of jail is all this worthless piece of shit got ? Sad, I hope she gets the HELL beat out of her, Everyday of her sorry as life. So glad that precious baby is doing ok. She deserves a Wonderful life and the woman videotaping deserves just as much harsh treatment as that piece of shit so called ” mother ” of the cild.

  17. I hope this pathetic excuse for a human being gets beaten every day for the rest of her life, in jail. Better yet, just mercy kill her. And, if she is EVER released from jail, that is a sin in and of itself, never mind putting any child back in her custody – seriously? Why would she deserve a trial – she’s obviously guilty.

  18. Sorry stampece, I’m not an idiot for remembering the events wrong that I read on that was NOT mentioned in the article above. Just means I have a terrible memory. For me, it’s hard to imagine ANYONE just standing there and filming it, mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle or even a FRIEND. Also, I know when it happened, that IS stated above. MY point to the person above me was to read up so that they knew WHY the person who filmed it didn’t get charged.

    If you notice, stampece, I didn’t do any name calling either, I just pointed out that some research needed to be done.

    The abusive parent was charged, served time and the baby was placed where she could receive the love and attention she deserves and isn’t that point of it all?

  19. You’re wrong. It was not the grandmother who filmed it. No decent grandmother could stand by and watch her grandchild, being beaten repeatedly, and do nothing. If she feared her daughter she wouldn’t be standing right next to her filming her either. You’re an idiot for thinking such a thing. This occurred in 2011. According to Malaysian authorities, a friend of the mother filmed it, and the woman was sentenced to 18 months in prison, meaning she’s been out for a while now.

  20. The person that filmed it was her mother who saw the daughter abuse the child the day before, so she filmed the daughter the next day abusing the child and took the video to the police. I don’t believe she should be tried for trying to help the child. Do some research kai.

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