Apple Store Glass Entrance Smashed By Car In Berkeley [REPORT]

Apple Store Glass Entrance Smashed By Car In Berkeley [REPORT]
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A car reportedly smashed into the front glass entrance of an Apple store in Berkeley very early Friday morning. If confirmed, this would be just the latest case of auto crashes at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) retail stores.

Details on crash at Apple store in Berkeley

At press time, there was no word on whether or not the recent crash was an accident or  part of a burglary attempt. The car seemed to be aimed directly at the front doors of the store, however, the windows on both sides appeared to survive the impact of the crash.

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This was not the first time a car has smashed into the front glass facade of an Apple store. Late last year, there was a crash at the Apple store in Berlin at the Kurfurstendamm location. There were also vehicle crashes in Chicago at the Lincoln Park outlet and Temecula, California location over the last couple of years.

The Berlin crash

In the Berlin incident, the bandits drove a stolen vehicle and broke into the store at 4:15 a.m local time by crashing through the door. Since the store locked up inventory for the night, the thieves only took 20 demonstration iPhones, iPads, and laptops. Once the merchandise was taken, the bandits sped off in two Audi cars. Local police didn’t share the total value of the stolen haul.

The Temecula store crash happened in 2012. A surveillance video of the store showed a BMW X-5 crashing the front windows, and sending Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) products everywhere.

Apple Insider added, “Police have said that the vehicle was reportedly driven into the store by 22-year-old Equonne R. Howard, after which a passenger quickly stole iPhones and iPods. Police allege that Howard popped two of the tires on the BMW. After the burglary took place, he reportedly changed one tire near the store, while the other flat was allegedly addressed with a stolen can of Fix-A-Flat from a nearby 7-11. Howard, however, reportedly failed to repair the flat tires on his vehicle, and the BMW was abandoned about a mile from the Temecula Apple Store.”

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