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Apple iWatch Could Come With Wireless Charging [REPORT]

Apple fans are anticipating the purported iWatch which will likely debut sometime this fall. The latest rumor involving the upcoming watch predicts a wireless charging feature.

iWatch could charge wirelessly

Luxshare, a China-based electronics company, recently mentioned that it has been sending wireless charge coils to the Cupertino-based smartphone maker. The coils need to be certified and approved before going into the iWatch. However, Luxshare didn’t divulge details on the deal simply because the product isn’t available yet. This unknown insider also claims the iWatch is slated for a 2H 2014 release.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) filed a patent which described wireless charging that utilized magnetic induction a couple of years ago. The patent explained, “In various embodiments, methods, systems, and apparatus for interacting between a plurality of peripheral devices receiving power wirelessly from a wireless power supply is described. In one embodiment, a virtual charging area can be created. The virtual charging area can extend to about one (1) meter from a central station that incorporates a NFMR power supply. The virtual charging area can define a region in which suitably configured peripheral devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, and so on can receive power by way of a NFMR channel formed between the NFRM power supply and a NFMR resonator circuit included in the peripheral device. In this way, when both the NFMR power supply and the NFMR resonator circuit are tuned to each other, then useable power can be transferred over a power conduction channel formed between the two resonant devices.”

The future of mobile technology

Smartwatches are anticipated to be the next big thing in mobile technology. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s biggest rival Samsung has already released their version of the smartwatch called the Galaxy Gear. Although the Gear and other smartwatches have yet to enjoy great poularity, there is hope Apple’s offering will stimulate the entire smartwatch market, especially if the rumored watch turns out to be compatible with Healthbook.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to debut iOS 8 early next week at the Worldwide Developers Conference, and it is rumored Healthbook will be a major feaure of the new operating system. Healthbook supposedly includes a variety of health-oriented functions including nutrition, heart rate, sleep, respiratory rate, activity and cholesterol screening.