Apple Inc. To Hire MIT Researcher To Work On Wearables [REPORT]

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has hired MIT researcher Eric Winokour, in its wearables team, who will join in a couple of weeks ahead, says a report from MacRumors citing a source. The report noted that Winokour does research at MIT’s Medical Electronic Devices realization Center and recently worked on an ear-worn “wearable vital signs monitor.”

On his LinkedIn page, the researcher mentioned one of his specialties to be “wearable medical device R&D.”

Winkour’s specialties

Winkour has, also, done various research papers, which are focused on cardiovascular ear-worn devices that track vital signs. His published two papers, in 2012, one titled “An ear-worn continuous ballistocardiogram (BCG) sensor for cardiovascular monitoring” and the other one “A wearable vital signs monitor at the ear for continuous heart rate and pulse transit time measurements.” Ballistocardiography is used for measuring the movement of blood into major vessels with each heart beat.

In both the papers, Winokour has described about an ear-worn device that is designed to track the vital signs with the help of a triaxial accelerometer. The devices appear similar to a hearing aid, and are wirelessly connected with a PC to record an analyze data.

In a 2011 interview with ABC, the MIT researcher stated the benefits of the medical device that he was working on saying that it could be worn in the ear all day for tracking the blood pressure and heart rate.

“The goal is to have this worn, basically throughout the day,” Winokur told, at that time.

How could Apple use Winkour

Winokour looks a potential candidate for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) as the iPhone maker is apparently planning to launch EarPods headphones, which would be equipped with the technology of tracking heart rate and blood pressure. Though there is no official word from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), patent applications filed by the company have revealed its interest in pairing biometric sensors into headphones, previously.

It is not yet established if Winokour would keep on working in the field of ear-worn monitoring devices at Apple or will be more focused on wearables in general, such as the iWatch. However, it is highly unlikely that Winokour would be involved in the company’s upcoming devices this year, but he might play a vital role in the health and wearable area.

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  1. This is basically converting a digital ear thermometer. Boy, sometimes the most obvious is right in front of you. Guess MIT teaches you to recognize it……But that IS one of the defining reasons for getting a patent. To modify an existing device and make it’s purpose something else. Same concept as a radar detector merely being a device to capture radio waves at a different frequency than a car radio. The first radar detector, as the first radar gun, were patented. Also the concept of capturing radio waves being called in some places illegal; is not only arguable, it is unconstitutional. The only reason people don’t challenge it is because its so much cheaper to just pay the fine. Especially if you were not speeding and it has no impact point-wise.

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