Add Facebook Pages To Your “Interest Lists” Instead of Liking Them

Add Facebook Pages To Your “Interest Lists” Instead of Liking Them

This may sound strange but a neat tip that you should try is to add Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) pages to your “Interest lists” instead of liking them. Well, you may wonder why should you do that? Adding pages to Interest lists has its own advantages and in this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at that.

Interest lists are something that are not much popular, and not much heard about. Adding pages to Interest lists means that you can better organize your interests, and keep a separate place to view things that are important to you. Interest lists doesn’t generates any noise on your friend’s News Feeds, which also means your friend won’t know what you’ve liked.

Liking a Facebook page on the other hand means that your friend will be able to see what you’ve liked on his/her News Feed, but that’s not all, as Facebook will also associate your name with that page and use it to display ads on your friend’s News Feed. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in a way wants to tell its users that if your friend likes this page, then you should too like that page.

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How to add Facebook Pages to your “Interest Lists”

So if you’re now convinced, then you can add pages to your Interest lists by clicking on the little gear tab which is next to the “Message” button and then on “Add to Interests Lists.”

You can also create a new Interest list for better organization. For example; you can add tech blogs to a list named as “Tech” and add health blogs to a list named as “Health.” However, when creating a list, ensure that you’re creating a list for “Only me” so that none of your friends are able to see it. Don’t worry; you’ll get this option when you create a new list.


If you create an interest list this way, then your friends on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) won’t even know what anything about it. So if you’ve ever feared to like something on Facebook, just because you don’t want your friends to find out about it, then you now know what to do.

You can then access Interest lists from the homepage, on the left sidebar, under “Interests.”

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