A $20 Smartphone Possible Later This Year: ARM

A $20 Smartphone Possible Later This Year: ARM
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ARM believes that a $20 smartphone may arrive by the end of this year, and a $25 Firefox OS phone is already in the market, according to a report from Anand Tech, who covered the Tech Day hosted by ARM. The chip maker stated that it might not be possible to drop below $20 given current technology. The budget Android smartphone will run on a single-core cortex A5 processor and 2.5G wireless data. A single Cortex A5 is faster than the ARM11 in the original iPhone, which retailed for $599, in 2007.

Low budget smartphone shipments to double

ARM’s Tech Day revealed a number of interesting facts regarding developments in the smartphone market. According to ARM, growth in the smartphone market will move from niche devices to mid-range and entry-level devices over the next year or two. ARM anticipates that by 2018 more than 1 billion entry-level smartphone would be shipped per year, which is more than twice the current rate. ARM also believes that the success of entry-level device depends upon their performance and the