50 Nokia Lumia 1020s Capture New York’s ‘Living Moments’

50 Nokia Lumia 1020s Capture New York’s ‘Living Moments’

Nokia Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) (HEL:NOK1V) set up fifty Lumia 1020 handsets rigged into an arch to capture “living moment” pictures on the streets of New York City. Filmmaker and music director Paul Trillo was assigned the task of creating the Arc of Wonder with the help of 50 Lumia 1020 smartphones by Nokia.

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Nokia, HTC tried it before

A ‘Matrix style’ rig is used in the project with Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) (HEL:NOK1V) Lumia 1020, which boasts a 41 megapixel camera. The rig is powered by a generator with a wireless network built-in, which is run by a Surface tablet in which all 50 Lumia phones are controlled and click shot at once.

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Bullet time is the special effec, which starts all the cameras at the same time and then plays the pictures back one by one giving the pictures a real, panoramic feel. Overall, the Nokia team clicked more than 30,000 pictures from Union Square and Allen Street to Central Park West. After clicking 50 snaps, the images are slowed down and stabilized, adding a slightly jerky feel and some sound clips of the subjects, which gives the viewing experience a life-like feel.

Trillo said that after attaching the camera onto the Arc of Wonder rig, a wheel is attached to the base so that it can be moved freely around the city. The idea behind taking such shots is to capture the “everyday life on the street of New York frozen in time.”

Technical director Nicholas Tong told Petapixel that the project “was one of the most technically challenging endeavors I’ve undertaken, but the end result was absolutely worth it.”

HTC has tried a similar experiment in the past, when it assembled as many as 130 HTC One phones, and Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) (HEL:NOK1V) also undertook a similar project previously with 80 Lumia phones.

Lumia offers incredible camera

The amazing pure-view technology of Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) (HEL:NOK1V) is known to the world, but this time the concept of bullet time will hog more limelight. Lumia 1020 is widely known for its super camera, but upcoming Lumia 930 is expected to include advanced version of other features along with a superb camera.

An Android-based Nokia X2 was spotted on an AnTuTU benchmark listin, recently. Apparently the phone will have 1GB of RAM, an advanced version of the 512 MB RAM on Nokia X.

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