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Warren Buffett CNBC Interview 4/29/2014 [VIDEO]

Warren Buffett CNBC Interview 4/29/2014 [VIDEO]
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Legendary investor Warren Buffett discusses his buy and hold strategy for creating value.

well, i think it has gotten less expensive in teurpls of the trading costs. commissions are a lot lower than they were 25 yrs ago. the investor incurs quite little in the way of transaction cost and investing in stocks compared to real estate or other types of investment. it’s way less. and compared to 25 years ago it’s way less. now, the other side of that is they are paying more, those who are using managers to manage their money. if you look at the fees that are extracted by wall street on balance. they had gotten quite substantial compared to 25 years ago. but the game hasn’t quite changed. the whole idea is to buy into the business. you do well if you don’t pay too much. it was true 25 years ago and will be true 25 years from now. jack bogle is number nine. you said you have been an advocate for telling people they should buy into an guard index fund. you said that in your shareholder letter this year. people have done very well in investing. they have in cured very little in the way of management costs. they have in cured nothing in the way of traction costs. the companies over the years in the index have done quite well. i think they will do very well if they invest in one now. warren, i’ve been arguing with andrew about you versus


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