Twitter Inc: How To Add Emojis To Tweets


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) earlier this month added support for emojis on the company’s web app and desktop version. This means you will now be able to see those smiling yellow faces, rockets, birthday cakes and whatnot on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s website. Previously when users added emojis to their tweets, it would show up as hollow boxes on the web, but not anymore.

So now without any further ado, let’s learn how to add emojis to Twitter from desktop.

Add emojis to tweets

For Windows users:
If you’re on Windows and using Chrome, then there’s a free Chromoji plugin that can be installed from Chrome Web Store. Install it and then start adding emojis to your tweets.

If you’re using some another browser, then you’ll need to connect an app called to your Twitter account, which will then add emojis to your tweets. But note that it will add a small link at the end of your tweets.

For Mac users:
If you’re on Mac, then first ensure that you’re running the latest version of OS X on your computer. Once you do this, you’ll get emoji support built-in. Now use the command-control-space keys to bring up an emoji picker. Go ahead and add your favorite emoji using this picker.

Now, apart from these two ways, there’s yet another way to add emojis to Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). Many of you might don’t know, but Twitter is compatible with UTF8, the character-coding standard popular on the Web. You can add many such funny symbols, provided they are UTF 8 format.

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