Tesla Motors Inc Model S Convertible Demand Rising

Tesla Motors Inc Model S Convertible Demand Rising
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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S convertible version is in high demand, so it’s too bad the company does not offer one. Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE), which offers a convertible Tesla Model S, claims to have received huge pre-orders for the version. NCE stated that it received an order of 100 Tesla Motors convertibles from an investor in China, says a report from Carscoops.

NCE orders for 5000 Model S

The firm is popular for delivering convertibles, and has already asked Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) to deliver around 5,000 units of the Model S.

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Newport Convertible Engineering has officially requested Tesla Motors in a joint effort to build another 5,000 Tesla Model S convertible for a worldwide demand. Announcement will be made in April 18 2014,” said the California-based aftermarket convertible specialist.

NCE is gearing up to start working on the Tesla Model S convertibles from this July. All 100 convertible Model S units will be delivered in China. The process of conversion will take place in 3 NCE sites, including California, Dubai and Barcelona. NCE has decided to offer two variants of a convertible Tesla Model S: a rag top conversion priced at $29,000 and a Hard tonneau cover conversion priced at $49,000, on top of the cost of the Tesla Model S.

To date, NCE has not showcased any conversion models and the images doing the rounds on the web are Photoshopped ones.

Tesla outperforms in Norway

Separately, the Wall Street Journal reported last week that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has broken all the records set by any electric car in Norway. According to the report, Tesla sold 1,493 Model S vehicles in March. The number seems to be small, but considering that Norway is a sparsely populated country with just under 5 million people, the sales number is impressive.

Nissan sold a total of 484 Leafs in February compared to the Volkswagen Golf, which garnered a sales number of 555 units.  Golf clinched the second position in March with a total of 624 deliveries.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) broke the record set by Ford back in 1986. Ford sold 1,454 units of its Sierra Sedan, the marque midsize offering in Europe at the time.  Tesla Motors has a total of four dealerships in Norway. The car maker is trying to generate profits by selling more cars in the country. In Norway, over the past couple of months, electric vehicles have outperformed other cars in sales.

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